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#Ebukafoundjojo2021 Was A Fairytale Come Alive!


On August 14th 2021, Joan Banna, the CEO of Jojo’s Touch “chok us” when she posted her pre-wedding photos on her business page on Instagram. The news became the most talked about topic in the beauty and makeup space in Nigeria as the post gathered over 23, 000 likes and more than 3000 comments within few days.

In the caption, she wrote:
He has done great things whereas we are glad. I found love and peace, and the story continues. Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit.

We were expecting details about the wedding but It didn’t happen. Instead, she surprised us again with her traditional wedding photos on August 17th followed by her wedding photos on the 21st. However, from what we gathered, the traditional wedding took place on August 17th while the white wedding was held at Lush Garden in Port Harcourt on Saturday, August 21st, 2021.

And going by the videos and photos from the wedding and feedbacks we got from the guests, it’s safe to say that indeed she found love and peace in her man whose only details known to the public is his name and that’s because she used it in her wedding hashtags.

Check out their wedding and pre-wedding photos as captured by Xtians Imagery and Sideview Media!

After court wedding

See her beautiful ladies and how they stepped out for Jojo

Photo credit: Xtians Imagery and Sideview Media.ol


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