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Edcent and Ultimate University Join Forces to Enhance Education in West Africa


Edcent, a globally recognized online learning institution, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Ultimate University, a distinguished center of higher education located in Port-Norvo, Republic Of Benin. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in education, combining the strengths of both institutions to create a powerful educational ecosystem for the African region.

Edcent has gained a reputation for offering a diverse array of over 200 meticulously crafted online courses. With partnerships that include esteemed institutions like Harvard, Stanford University, Yale University, and more, Edcent has become a beacon of accessible and innovative education in Africa.

Ultimate University is a name synonymous with academic excellence and forward-thinking education in the region. This partnership brings together Edcent’s expertise in online learning with Ultimate University’s commitment to shaping future leaders in Africa.

Through this collaboration, Edcent students who complete select courses will receive certificates co-branded with Ultimate University, amplifying the value of their accomplishments. Additionally, students completing Edcent’s online diploma programmes will receive certificates directly issued from Ultimate University, a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Edcent and Ultimate University Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Education in West Africa

The partnership also extends to a unique graduation experience, where Edcent Students who complete Edcent Diploma Programmes will have the privilege to graduate alongside their counterparts from Ultimate University, celebrating their achievements on a shared stage.

“Education is the cornerstone of progress, and this partnership represents a new chapter in our commitment to providing top-tier learning experiences,” Said Mike Ikenwa, the founder and CEO of Edcent. “Our collaboration with Ultimate University opens doors for Africab students to reach higher and strive for excellence.”

The partnership also includes exciting collaborative initiatives, such as joint research projects, faculty workshops, and internships that promise to empower students with practical skills and real-world experience.

ESM Universite’s Registrar, Mr. Samson Adeyemi, equally enthusiastic about this collaboration, adds, “Our partnership with Edcent is a testament to our shared vision of pushing the boundaries of education in Africa. We are excited to combine our strengths and expertise to create an unrivalled learning experience for students.”

With a focus on enhancing education, innovation, and mutual growth, this partnership sets the stage for a brighter future. It’s a testament to Edcent’s ongoing dedication to delivering outstanding education and Ultimate University’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of academic achievement.

About Edcent:
Edcent is a leading online learning platform that offers a diverse range of over 200 high-quality courses across various disciplines. With a mission to provide accessible and innovative education, Edcent collaborates with renowned institutions to shape the next generation of learners in Africa.


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