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Edcent Set To Launch Online Diploma Programmes


Edcent set to launch online Diploma Programmes

Edcent, Nigeria’s leading online learning management platform is launching online Diploma Programmes for students across the world.

Edcent is renowned for offering a challenging alternative to classroom education while providing students with an international mindset, skills and access to top universities globally. From September 2022, students 16 years and above can study the academic programmes entirely online with courses from global universities and renowned instructors after taking the application tests.

Edcent has the most globally recognised courses and online programs in Nigeria, educating over 5,000 students around the world in less than 2 years of operation. Edcent courses are taught by renowned professors and instructors with many years of experience, delivering the best lectures and equipping students with skills that give them an edge.

Edcent was established in 2020 and is Nigeria’s largest online learning management platform. It will now be adding the online Diploma Programme to its unique online offering, providing students with an opportunity to learn additional globally in-demand skills alongside an international group of classmates. This will enable students to take advantage of the flexibility of an online platform and continue to learn wherever they are.

From later 2022, Edcent will be accepting interest and applications from students globally to form part of the first online cohort. Edcent will deliver truly innovative and global Diploma programmes, combining the best in education technology, online teaching and learning practices. The programme will embed immersive learning experiences using a user-friendly learning dashboard while offering access to the Edcent learning tools, resources and student community for those who want to access it.

“This is a significant step forward for Edcent. We are very excited to be launching the first fully online Diploma programme and it is a natural evolution for Edcent considering our offering of some of the best in-demand courses globally. This will enable students anywhere around the world to access this world-class qualification online and combine it with our growing community of students who share knowledge to advance their careers.” said Mike Ikenwa, the founder and CEO of Edcent.

“We are proud to provide new opportunities for students to learn and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Partnering with the best schools and experienced instructors will enable more students, and more diverse cohorts of students, the chance to participate in Edcent education programmes no matter where they are in the world.”


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