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Ekwutosinam Nsukka Wins Most Impactful Entrepreneur of the Year at Naira Diary Impact Awards


Ekwutosinam Nsukka Emerges as Winner of Naira Diary Impact Awards’ Most Impactful Entrepreneur of the Year 2022

Ekwutosinam Ada Nsukka, a multifaceted professional excelling as a DevOps Engineer, Customer Support Analyst, and IT Support Trainer, has been honored with the prestigious Naira Diary Impact Awards’ Most Impactful Entrepreneur of the Year. This recognition celebrates her outstanding contributions to the field of entrepreneurship and her remarkable impact on the lives of individuals both in Nigeria and beyond.

Ekwutosinam is the visionary founder and trainer of Digital Witch Community, an educational platform where individuals learn how to leverage remote work opportunities. Her community has successfully empowered and equipped over 25,000 people with valuable digital skills, enabling them to earn substantial incomes from the comfort of their homes, both within Nigeria and internationally.

Through her dedication and commitment, Ekwutosinam has transformed the lives of numerous individuals by imparting the essential skills needed to thrive in the digital realm. Her efforts have paved the way for countless success stories, as members of her community have gone on to earn significant incomes and achieve financial independence.

As a strong advocate for personal growth, Ekwutosinam firmly believes in the power of upskilling to become a better version of oneself. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others has made her a true inspiration and role model within the Nigerian entrepreneurial landscape.

The award was presented to Ekwutosinam in Lagos, Nigerian. Ekwutosinam Ada Nsukka, renowned for her remarkable digital skills, influential platforms, and commitment to making a meaningful impact, was commended by Henshaw for her outstanding contributions. He took the opportunity to express his gratitude towards her, acknowledging the significant role she played in leveraging her digital expertise for the betterment of society. Additionally, he encouraged her to continue her efforts, emphasizing the notion that with greater abilities comes greater responsibility.

Graciously accepting the award, Ekwutosinam Nsukka extended her heartfelt appreciation to Henshaw and the entire NDI Awards team for their visionary initiative in establishing such an esteemed recognition program. She expressed her gratitude that they had made the effort to travel all the way from Port Harcourt to Lagos in order to personally present her with this distinguished honor.

The Naira Diary Impact Awards serve as a platform to recognize and appreciate real-life heroes who have made a tangible difference in the lives of people and society as a whole. This esteemed initiative acknowledges individuals, groups, and entities that have contributed to the betterment of society, inspiring positive change and progress.

By being named the Most Impactful Entrepreneur of 2022 at the Naira Diary Impact Awards, Ekwutosinam Ada Nsukka’s achievements are being celebrated and acknowledged. It is our hope that this recognition will serve as a catalyst, encouraging Ekwutosinam and other passionate entrepreneurs to invest in projects that have the potential to make a significant impact on society while building successful businesses.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ekwutosinam Ada Nsukka for this well-deserved accolade. Her exceptional contributions to the field of entrepreneurship and her dedication to improving the lives of others exemplify the true spirit of impactful leadership.


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