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Esan, Edo State Traditional Marriage List


Esan Traditional Marriage List

This writing is just to give a clue on how Esan bride list look like. It might varies considerably, depending on IDU (settlement/quarters), Egbele (family), social status of both families and other factors.

If you want to marry an Esan woman, here’s what you are likely going to see in the marriage list.

1 Umbrella

1 suitcase filled with clothes (box of wrappers)

2 bottles of hot drinks (schnapps)

1 crate of malt drinks

1 plate of kolanuts

1 bag of salt

25 liters of palm oil for the bride’s mother

1 jar of palm wine

1 carton of wine for sundry use (the groom should hold this)

3 crates of malt for women of the lineage

6 carton of beer for men of the lineage (broken down into 2 cartons of small Guinness stout; 2 cartons of Star beer; 2 cartons of Gulder beer)

28 tubers of yam arrange in groups of seven

14 tubers of yam for the eldest man in the lineage

N1,500 cash for the dowry

N5,000 cash for the bride’s mother

N3,000 cash for the bride’s father

N9,000 cash for the men in the bride’s lineage and

N6,000 cash for the women bride’s lineage

When choosing a date for the traditional marriage in Esan, Edo State, You may like to avoid (Eki-ole) market days. Because it’s forbidden to pay bride price, introduction and traditional marriage on market days.

Source – Stella Anokam.


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