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Five Things Bole Festival Team Must Work On – Victor Ehiogu 


Bole Festival, the biggest outdoor event in Port Harcourt according many has come and gone but many are still reaction and sharing their observations. While many talk about how expensive the ticket prices are, others are more concerned about the prices of food. Still, many are of the opinion that the artists and by extension the performances were below average.

Well, one person that has highlighted his observations so far is Victor Ehiogu also known as Mr Prof.
See the things he thinks  the Bole Festival team must observe below :

1: TICKETING: The name is established with a lot of sponsors to lighten the burden. 

The ticket fee was rather expensive for an event that should carry everyone along. 
Make una comot something for next year.

2. ARTISTE PERFORMANCES: First of all I’ll want to thank the team for giving young talents a platform. 
But I think a proper planning, auditioning will be needed to get the best and serious minded growing talents that will respect the time of the audience in next year’s edition biko.

3. VENDORS CORNER: Over N50,000 too much oh! Nothing anybody want tell me here
No wonder the price of Bole and fish turn to BTC. If there’s a way to lighten the burden on vendors so they too can make some money and still consider the audience with prices, e go make sense. 
After all, it’s a Bole festival. Bole should be very affordable!

4. CONTENT MANAGEMENT: I’ll take it that I came late to witness what happened during the day. But for we night crawlers, we need an organized content to keep us flowing through the night. 
We need vibes, good stage coordination and performances anchored by an actual event Host. Content sustains an event brand from my little experiences. 
Bolefestival should not be predictable at all.

5. The last but not the least because I’ll still write more. There should be a juju Man on ground because of rain… Or organize coconut and candle, I know someone that can help us.

Meanwhile, see photos from Bole Festival 2022 below


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