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Freaky Friday: How To Give Head As A Man


Dear men, when you want to give head.

Make sure the punani is shaved and neat too. And if you don’t care? Move on!

Don’t expect it to smell like strawberries but it shouldn’t smell like fish or dead rat either.

Do not tongue-fuck the vagina.

Do not use your mouth or tongue to pack discharge in the pussy hole,stoopet its not healthy.

Do not spit into the pussy, no pack spit put for person itud.

Focus on the clitoris,not the hole.

Suck the clitoris please,na there life dey.

Again tease the clitoris.

Please do not be tempted to bite the clit.

Do not blow in air , don’t injure somebody’s daughter.

If you know you have shovel teeth kindly let her know to avoid digging of somebody’s pussy.

If you are gap-toothed don’t let the devil use you by trying to use the clitoris as toothpick, please don’t be unfortunate.

Do not give head when you just finished eating spicy food, don’t let her curse you.

If you know you are the type that doesn’t brush kindly avoid giving head down there matters too, don’t give us germs.

And please, before you rim kindly make sure she bath in your present with soap and sponge.

Tell her to scrub that ass very well.

And if you eventually rim,Biko don’t use that mouth on her pussy again.

Brush your mouth after everything.

Lastly,do not swallow.

I repeat,do not swallow.

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

Check on Friday for another Ted Talk

Written by Esther Rejoice


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