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From Chatting In The Comments Section To Following Up For 9 Years, Okorite Finally Says Yes To Benny


From chatting in the Comments Section To HOME: Benny & Okorite’s Love Story So Far

Benny Odumo, a popular graphics designer and visual branding expert who has been championing the #SkillsNotKill and #LaptopNotGuns movements through his free graphics design and enterprise development training since 2017 has finally proposed to a lady he has been following up for nine years and she said YES.

BENNY took to his Facebook page to make the announcement. He wrote:

“I’ve gotten a house, now it’s time to go HOME!

May i find favour from the most high, and those he has assigned to be of help!”.

But nine years is not beans. In my opinion, Benny Odumo has redefined the word determination. See their chats nine years ago below:

That’s not all. Benny also shared what looks like pre-wedding photos and the couple looks so cute.

We look forward to seeing their wedding card. In the meantime, we congratulate them as they prepare for life together.

And to those who Dont reply comments and DMs, now you can advise yourself by yourself.


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