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Give Us 45 – 60 Days To Sort All Issues And Return To Normal Operations – Chinmark Tells Investors


In Nigeria, January has always been tough for most people and the reason is simply because frivolous spending during Christmas. But for Chinmark investors this January, it’s been panic upon panic, not only because of SEC warnings but largely because of delayed payment of ROI. Though this was the same way MBA Forex and other failed investment companies started before they finally closed down, I think it’s too early to conclude.

Well, the company has released a statement through their CEO, Mr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah. The statement reads:

“Our Dear Partners,

We want to thank you for your support in the growth of the Chinmark Group. Over the years, we have been able to setup businesses that have spread in Africa, Asia and other parts of the world successfully and creating sustainable means of livelihood for over 4,000 individuals working with the Chinmark Group.

You will recall that since the commencement of the company, we have successfully built a track record of excellent and quality customer service delivery, we have never disappointed, and we promise not to disappoint you now.

However, the Chinmark Group wants to reassure all its clients that there is no cause for panic as the Partnership arm is taking all necessary measures to ensure the system starts working again and more effectively.

We wish to inform all our partners that we are working efficiently to comply with government regulations for quality control and assurance.

These processes are currently affecting the activities of the partnership arm of the company for a short period of time which will not exceed 45-60 days.

All our offices are open and activities are running. We implore you, our partners, to kindly support the smooth running of all our businesses during this period to enable us pass through this phase and remain as strong as ever. Panic and unrest will affect the businesses that generate returns for the sustainability of the partnership arm.

For further enquires, don’t hesitate to reach us via our official email address, info@chinmarkgroup.com. A follow up email will be sent periodically to our clients who are affected within the period of this process to update them on progress made.

Thank you for patience and support as we are committed to serving you better.

Cheers to Chinmark @50

I am Chinmark!
You are Chinmark!!
We are Chinmark!!!

There is MORE in GOD.”

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