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Here’s The Reason Why Nas Daily Broke Up With Alyne? Read


I watched the breakup video of Nas Daily and I found something really interesting while I listened
Interesting things from the lady and from him
I discovered there was CLASH OF AMBITIONS
And when I read what boss Oséyómón Ighódálóh talked under boss Mute Efe post in reference to the breakup about how every King needs a Queen, I totally agreed with him and decided to merge both perspective
Please do read this (VERY IMPORTANT)…
Starting from the break up video, if you listened to the girlfriend well, you’ll hear a lot of “I, I, I, Me, My”
“You were my priority”
“I did not become the priority”
“I waited so long”
“I already waited 6 years”
“I dated you”
“I’m not going to live forever”
“I have only one life”
My personal thesis is that…
They were not meant to be together in the first place. And the fact that it took 6 years for them to figure it out was an error
She clearly had a different ambition and wanted a different world from his
After the “fun and romantic moments” eased out, Nas said..
“I stopped taking her on dates and focused all my energy into the videos and my company”
To me, that’s the defining moment of their relationship
Not that he didn’t like her anymore, but that after all the “fun”, she just couldn’t fit into his ambition
And it’s not her fault, neither his, like I said, I strongly feel they weren’t even meant to be together in the first place
They liked each other, but their ambitions were different (and something would definitely have to give way)
Men would always be attached to their work, irrespective of who they marry/date
And if any lady’s ambition doesn’t fit into the man’s ambition and both are ambitious, they would have issues
To explain this best, let’s have a look about Tony Elumelu and his wife, Dr Awele Elumelu
A perfect case study to explain this concept…
Tony Elumelu is attached to his work always, but one of the main reason his marriage works is that his wife’s dream complements his dream
She fits into his kingdom
So it’s easy for him to focus on his work while still having a happy marriage, because his wife is part of his “work”
He is an economist/banker, she is a medical doctor (two different career paths)
But despite being a medical doctor, she buys into his dream and fits into it
That’s why it’s easier for them to build Tony Elumelu Foundation and Heirs Holdings empire together
She owns a medical company called Avon Medical. He owns a Bank called UBA.
Together they built a company called Heirs Holdings that controls both UBA, AVON and other subsidiaries
Avon and UBA are sort of “subsidiaries” under Heirs Holdings group
Her dream/ambition fits into his own
Avon is kind of the official medical arm of all his companies and most likely, Avon would bank with UBA
She didn’t give up her dream for him
She didn’t abandon medicine to become a banker or an economist
She’s still a medical doctor and runs a medical company
But she BOUGHT INTO HIS DREAM OF AFRICAPITALISM and found a way to fit into his kingdom without giving up on her own dream
So she controls a territory (Avon Medical) within Oga Tony’s kingdom (Heirs Holdings)
Some ladies talk about patriarchy.
But then, God built this world that way.
It’s a man’s world baby
God created man and gave him WORK to rule over a Kingdom
A man has always been and would always be attached to WORK
God gave man a woman to be his HELP MEET
A woman from his ribs
A woman who FITS into the man’s KINGDOM
There’s a reason God didn’t create woman from dust again, but from the man
Patriarchy isn’t necessarily the problem, but who you allow to rule over you is where your concern is and that’s where the problem lies
As huge and successful Dr Awele is, she’s submitting to Oga Tony without giving up her dreams
The bitter truth ladies may not like is that…
Every woman needs a crown over her head and someone she wants to submit to
A woman who enjoys her marriage has no problem calling her husband her King
If you find a man who makes you come alive, you’ll want to submit to him
You can only balance work and marriage/relationship if your partner’s dream compliments yours
It’s easy for a KING to have attention to his QUEEN if she’s part of his kingdom.
Because he sees her as part of him.
The moment you want to build your own territory which doesn’t align with his kingdom and you want to wrestle power to fit into your own desires, he would “banish you” (divorce/break up) and marry someone who fits into his kingdom.
There can only be one KING in a kingdom.
As a woman, be with a man whose dream matches/compliments yours.
A man won’t give up his dream for you.
That’s not how God designed it.
In the garden, God didn’t give woman “work”.
He gave it to the man but assigned the woman to “help him”
So her purpose/relevance was to make his work easier/better/bigger
She FIT into Adam’s KINGDOM
As a woman, it doesn’t mean you should give up your dream for him, but rather find a way to build your dream within/around his dream.
It doesn’t mean you do the same thing as him (that’s why I referenced The Elumelus)
A man would always be attached to his work, but if you’re part of his kingdom, he makes you part of his priority.
Together you rule a territory as a QUEEN to a KING who has a kingdom.
As a lady, if you have high ambitions, find a man who has a higher ambition and build your ambition within/around his kingdom and be joint ruler with him.
That’s why it’s the man’s job to leave his family in search of his wife
He should look for a woman who can fit into his dream
It’s the responsibility of the woman to accept the man whose dream compliments hers
Be his QUEEN as he is your KING and rule with him.
God rules a Kingdom (the universe)
He gave man (humans) dominion to rule over a part of His kingdom (earth)
Together, man is joint heirs with God.
We rule over a territory WITHIN God’s KINGDOM
But God is still the SUPREME KING!
There’s a whole lot more to talk about, but I’ll end it here
The end!

Written by Nathanael Disu


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