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A few days ago, I asked this question.

You need to see the comment section.

It was filled with mockery comments pointing to the fact that it was nearly impossible.

Only a few people answered the question correctly, stating exactly the steps to follow to make 1 million from 100k in 7 days.

Many, believe it is impossible.

For me, I believe it can happen in 1-hour sef. It is not impossible.

Someone will jump out now and argue that for it to happen in one hour is very rare.

He forgets that you can sit down and develop a strategy to make it happen in one hour or one day or a few days.

Yesterday, I was sitting in the backyard gisting and laughing with my sisters-in-law (Mr. Eze has 2 older sisters).

Rita called me. She was screaming and sooooo excited.

She had done the 1million in a few days and wanted to share the news with me.

She screamed!!

I have done it oooo

Madam Chioma, I have done my 1million.

I told her I was very excited and proud of her.

She said she saw the post and while others were mocking, she went into deep reflection with it.

I told her I would love to share her story and asked her to please write to me.

She promised she would, so I will share her story.

But here is a summary of what she did:

  1. She first believed it was possible
  2. She asked herself what she can sell to X number of people to make 1 million
  3. She created a product priced at 100k to help businesses put structure to their backend operations (Rita has worked in operations for many years)
  4. She got 10 people to buy that offer to hit 1milllion

I believe she will share details of how she did the marketing to get the 10 people.

If possible, I will invite her to a Facebook Live session to speak (I haven’t discussed this with her yet. I hope she agrees).

Honestly, it saddens me that many people only see impossibility.

They do not even stop for a moment to think it through. They just rule it impossible and mock over it.

Happy are those who have an open heart to making money.

For their hearts shall receive the strategies and implementation steps to birth it into reality.

Mindset is everything!!!!!!

Battles are first won in the mind, before the physical.

No one takes steps to implement what he doesn’t believe.

God bless you!

Author: Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze



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