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Back then in ESUT, I used to live at middle chime New Haven.
So I have this friend who was in ESUT with me reading mathematics… We were supposed to go out that afternoon, I called her and she said she was coming, she never informed me she was coming with anyone.

Anyways so I went to have my bath and came into my room from the bathroom still in my towel, hmmm that’s how this girl WITHOUT KNOCKING entered my room with two men not one!

Remember I was still on my towel so I was scrambling to hold on to my dignity.
While I struggled to cover myself, I was trying to shout at my friend for not letting me know she is coming with men.
She brushed me off and made a quick introduction
“Nelly meet my friend Emeka and his friend (calls my husband’s name)

Apparently they saw how uncomfortable I was cos I was on my towel, so my husband stretched out his hands and said “nice to me meet you, I love your stretch marks”

Omg! I wanted to die! You see, I hated my stretch marks and anyone telling me that they liked it felt like a lie from the pit of hell.
So I replied, “if you want to call me stupid just call me, what is you like my stretch marks”

He went further to explain to me that he genuinely liked it and told me a story of a girl he admired back then in the north who had stretch marks.

Hmm I did not believe though… like how can you like my insecurity? it did not make sense. Anyways…

We got talking that same day he helped me loosen my hair. … And as they say, the rest becomes history…

I don’t know if you are feeling insecure about yourself right now, just know someone loves you just the way you are.

~ Nelly Agbogu


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