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How Nengi Stole My Heart- Henshaw Jacobson


Nengi is not another cute girl with a pretty smile, no, she’s a QUEEN.

She represents:


The pressure from ’emotionally sick’ Ozo could pass for an excuse to be unfaithful, but Nengi is not a typical girl.

According to some girls on Twitter Street, Ozo is the Nigerian man with the most kissable lips.

Meanwhile, Facebook girls think he is a perfect gentle man.

Move over to Instagram, our Instagram models and wannabe slay mamas see Ozo as the perfect definition of tall, rich & handsome.

Still, some daughters of zion say his English gives them orgasm ( someone should confirm this biko😂)

But all this was not enough for Nengi to even give him a consolation kiss after his eviction, instead, the Queen gave us a real “mad o moment”😂

Did you see how Vee & Dorathy reacted? Omo, that was epic😱

Well, Nengi has redefined CONSISTENCY.

In a world where some girls cheat for shawarma and Ice Cream, Nengi is absolutely a light in the dark.

She’s proven to us that there are faithful girls Nigeria.

Sisters, when we say we need a loyal girl, all we are asking is for you be Nengicious.

And brothers, If you have a girl like Nengi, be a true KING and treat her like a QUEEN that she is.

The fact that she respects the guy she claims to have despite all the OZOus she’s been going through means the guy is not regular.

Who knows the sacrifices the guy has also made for her.

And don’t get it twisted…I respect Ozo.

Aside from his lack of emotional sense, he was the most intelligent guy in the house judging by my own metrics.

Yea, Laycon case would have been worse if there was no strong competition like Kiddwaya and he didn’t have a friend like Vee to reset his emotional sense.

Hopefully, Ozo will regain his emotional equilibrium and be on top of his love game after two or three heartbreaks😎

Meanwhile, if you a Queen like Nengi, kindly type “I’m a Queen” in the comments section.

I’m asking on behalf of the Kings in this group.

Kings, show yourself too 👑

Feel free to share your thoughts.

© Henshaw Jacobson


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