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How The Mayor Of Housing Contributed To The Succes Of MAKE IN NIGERIA Conference And Exhibition 2022


MAKE IN NIGERIA Conference and Exhibition, a project designed to create an environment to help Nigerian businesses to do more and be more, had the 12th edition this year at The Autograph, GRA, Port Harcourt on 20th -25th October 2022.

The conference featured masterclasses, Grants, Raffle draws, exhibitions, keynote speeches, entertainment, and more.

According to the convener, Uche Onochie, the conference helps the Nigerian economy and facilitates her infrastructural development.
In his words:“Our unique value proposition is locked in the TMG (Think Make Grow) model dispensed through our event (Make in Nigeria Exhibition and Conference) and our Community (MIN Community).
We provide the resources needed for the Nigerian business community to THINK in terms of invention, innovation and design; MAKE in terms of Products and services and GROW in terms of funding/investment, partnerships and scaling to global levels.
We believe every business must go through these phases to become successful and scale to a global level, that’s why we have thousands of people every year at our event and now in our community.” Uche Onochie said.

Naira Diary followed up and spoke with some of the participants and they all confirmed that it was indeed a value-packed event.
One of the participants Naira Diary spoke with on the last day of the conference, Mike Chinedu who runs a fashion business in Port Harcourt said he has learned confidence, marketing, and business structure.

When we asked him what practical steps he’s going to take to grow his business based on what he learned at the Make in Nigeria Conference 2022, Mike said he is going to make sure he structures his business to run without him. He further said that one of the speakers told them that until one structures his business to run on its own, he doesn’t have a business yet.

And with these feedbacks, it’s safe to say that The MAKE IN NIGERIA Conference and Exhibition 2022 was a success.
However, we don’t think the conference would have been a success without amazing partners and sponsors like the Mayor of Housing also known as My-Ace China.

Here’s how he made the conference a success

1. He was a keynote speaker
As a keynote speaker, My-Ace China spoke on Small Business Success Strategies. His session was filled with practical insights from his years of experience as a real estate consultant and entrepreneur.

2. He was one of the headline sponsors

3. He shared souvenirs to participants and that was extra value for them

4. He sponsored 40 participants to attend the conference with N5,000 given to each of them for transportation

5. He sponsored a raffle draw and the winner won a plot of land

6. He sponsored the business grant

The business grant pitch was also sponsored by the Mayor of Housing and five winners got N100,000 each to support their businesses.

The value the Mayor of Housing brought and the contributions he made toward the success of Make In Nigeria Conference 2022 will remind fresh in the mind of participants for a long time.



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