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How To Change Your Life By Practicing MEDITATIVE S£XUAL INTIMACY WITH YOUR SPOUSE…. (Rated Matured+)
(Warning: Do not practice what I’m about to share here with someone who’s not deeply committed to you … It could cause a m£ntal breakdown. Make sure you are in a committed relationship or married).

After reading this post, you will learn why you should practice Meditative S£xual Intimacy with your spouse at least once every month.

Let me boldly State that when you Evolve in your consciousness, your approach to S£X and S£xuality will also be transformed. You will discover that S£xual energy is the force of life, force of creativity, and carries healing powers with the ability to open your mind up to higher realms of consciousness.

The key to this dimension of S£xuality is what I am teaching you today… It’s called Meditative S£xual intimacy. Don’t let anyone distract you while you are reading this… If you can, also read it out with your spouse.

Those who practice Meditative Intimacy are able to make love for a longer period of time without losing energy and passion.

During meditative intimacy, the couple starts the session with meditation. Both partners sit in a meditation posture – relaxing your necks and shoulders while grabbing each other’s hands. Bright lights should be switched off to increase focus. The partners meditate on the Beauty of their bond and slowly introduce kissing and a warm embrace until they get into the act.

The main act is the major part of meditative intimacy…

The Man in the room uses DEEP MEDITATIVE BREATHING to circulate his S£Xual Energy. The idea of meditative breathing is simply to focus your attention on your breathing and not the s£x — focusing on your breathing rhythm and flow and the way you feel on each inhale and exhale. This will distract your mind from getting overwhelmed at the succulent wetness of your wife while filling her with your cosmic s£xual energy. For those who haven’t practiced meditative breathing before, just breathe in slowly through the nose to the count of 3, then exhale through the mouth to the count of 6. Do this while slowly thrusting in and out with the rhythm of your breathing.

Your partner will subconsciously mirror what you are doing while you are on top of her… She will exhale louder from the mouth – do not kiss her during this exercise as your masculine s£xual energy fills her subconsciousness and that energy would flow out through her nostrils and open mouth. She will gasp for air and will reach what we call cosmic orgasm before you.

After she has reached orgasm, you will still have unfinished business. Yes, even a 2 minutes man likr Tonto Dike and Sheila calls them can last 2 hours using Meditative Intimacy as a strategy…. now, hand over the control to her and let her bring out the cowgirl in her. She’s now in control of the atmosphere and the act…. Yes, you are in control Goddess…. Now repeat what the man did to you – let your feminine s£xual energy run through his entire being until he explodes in your womb. You have finished him off.

Unlike normal s£xual intimacy, after Meditative s£xual Intimacy, you will feel some soulish energy well up in you. Your vision will become clearer. You will experience clarity in areas you once felt confusion. Negative energies will melt away and you will feel deeply secured and confident to achieve your highest potential.

Written by Charles Awuzie


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