Dear woman, this is 2022.
2023 is only one month away.

You want to start a new business and you probably need to collect money from Oga.

Sadly, as everything is becoming upgraded, that’s how the sense in a man’s head is upgrading.

These days, it’s like our different-different sex styles is not working again.

You have nack the man front, side, doggy and even pigeon style, but still e no gree release money for business.

Oya gather here, let’s use advanced level sense to collect business money.

Apart from money, we also need his support.

So we are going to collect both money and support from him.

Here is a fail-proof step-by-step process to collect money and support from your good husband (Good husband means his head is still inside the marriage).

  1. Sit down alone by yourself and get super clarity on what business you want to do.

You must be able to explain it in one simple clear sentence.

Example – I want to sew and sell formal work dresses for plus-size women.

This is your Pitch.

  1. After you have clarity, take a book and start listing out everything you need to start the business and their prices.

Shop rent – 500k
Agency/Legal – 100k
Shop renovation- 180k
2 machines – 120k
1 sofa – 80k

This process of listing everything you need can take up to 2 weeks because it involves some market research.

  1. Add up everything on your list in 2 above and get a total figure.

Add maybe 20% extra for miscellaneous. Then get a new total.

This is the amount that you need from Oga. It is called your ‘ASK’.

  1. Sit down again with a plain sheet of paper and ask yourself, “This money I want to collect from this man, what will I give in return?”

Listen carefully to me – Every investor wants a return, even husband, even parents.

Correct banging with 16 styles is not an acceptable return. Yes, husband likes s.ex but it does not provide the return he seeks on his investment.

Correct soup with 6 different types of protein is not an acceptable return.

The acceptable return that a regular husband seeks on his investment are:

  • Contribution to home running costs
  • Ability to take care of your personal needs
  • Visible growth in the business
  • Visible passion and drive to push the business
  • Some sort of informal rendering of stewardship (it could be that you just casually discuss how sales and customer growth is going)

Tell yourself that you understand what returns he expects and that you are able to organize yourself to offer the return

  1. Forecast and plan your monthly sales, expenses and profits. Do some writing on paper as you think about it.

How many dresses can you make in a month? How much total sales do you think you can make?

Think about expenses.
Think about how that business will pay the rent next year.
Think about salaries – yours inclusive.

Then think about the amount of profit you can make every month.

Just make reasonable estimates and write them down.

  1. It is now time to make your resolutions.

This is the time to promise yourself that you will not treat this business anyhow.

That you will passionately work it out.

That you will not chicken out.

That you are collecting someone’s sweat and you will make him proud.

Take firm resolutions in your heart.

That you will keep the flame of passion burning and you will dedicate time and energy to grow and sustain the business.

A quick prayer asking for God’s help is great here.

  1. Plan and nicely call for a meeting with him.

See eh, no need to use s.e.x to confuse him on the day of the meeting, because you are equipped to approach him like you would approach a regular investor.

Once you have his ears, you start with your Pitch.

You explain the business idea and its opportunities.

Then you go to your ‘Ask’.

Hand him the paper with everything listed out for the ask.

Then you talk about your projections in terms of sales, expenses and profits on a monthly basis.

Then you to go to your expected returns. Explain that you understand it is only right to give returns.

Then you end with your resolutions. Discuss how you have resolved to do the business properly.

Then thank him for listening.

My dear woman, please keep my tithe money for me because you have simply blown our husband away.

The presentation was too hot.

He cannot even see mouth to say no.

If he doesn’t have the money, he will ask for some time.

Be open to taking some suggestions from him and listening to him.

This is the 2023 upgraded version of collecting business money plus business support from husband.

Banging 16 styles is not working again o.

Go and get the business money and support that you seek.

I cannot wait to see you doing exploits in 2023.

I love you!

(By the way, this post can also work the other way round. Husbands are free to seek business funding and support from their wives).

Written by Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze


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