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How To Enjoy Your Marriage And Stop Your Husband From Cheating – Ab Isong


“Dear Woman,
No man wakes up to start hating/avoiding a woman he once loved and married.
No! There’s something that attracted him to you baby geh!
Keep doing that thing before he starts looking for that same thing in another female specie outside.

Don’t relax in marriage.
Keep wearing that beautiful smile with cute dimple.
Keep smelling good.
Keep teasing him like you use to. Don’t stop flirting with him via sms, whatsapp etc.

We want to see you in that skimpy micro mini skirt on our way back from work.
We want to hug you and you ain’t smelling fish just because you prepared fisherman soup.

Don’t sleep unconsciously with heavy snores at night.
Be alert so you can give our night erection direction.

Don’t make us hate our parents, when e-clear us for eye na you we go hate.
Encourage us to love the Lord!

No matter how much we love CNN, BBC and Supersport, don’t pay us back with ZEE WORLD.

Don’t change our pet names to Ette Akpan, Papa Rita etc.
You can never imagine how those sweet names dey do us.
Hear this! Papa Rita, Ette Akpan etc can never take you to where orgasm lives. Because you have limited us by making us feel old.
Call us something nice and satisfaction shall be thy portion.

No matter how filled you are, kindly escort us to the dinning table.
Once in a while, check up on us, surprise us with fuel money. Imagine you telling hubby Baby please take this 1.5k and fuel your car. Siin ke envelope oh!

The tempo of your marriage is in your hands.
Finally, never compare us with any other man. We will never forget!

© Ab.Isong


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