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How To Find Out Who Your REAL FRIENDS Are


If you are a Nigerian or you a fan of Afrobeat music, chances are you know Asake. And if you know him, I’m 100 💯 sure you know his hit song ‘Lonely At The Top’. The song goes like ,

“It’s lonely at the top
(Lonely, lonely, lonely)
Money on my mind
(Money, money, money)
Don’t care what they yearning about me in particular
(Ko kan mi, kan mi, kan mi)
I would cheer on the road chasing my dream because I know
(No one can chase it for me)”

You might not agree with ASake that the top is lonely, however, I’m sure you will agree that It’s a lonely world and everybody needs friends. The problem with friends most times is knowing who your real friends are. In this post , you will learn how to find out who your true friends are .

  1. They notice the little things
  • The way you say “Hi”, the way you smile, the way you dress up – even tiny thing like this is enough for them to know how you are feeling.
  • You need not voice out how you feel.
  1. They are always there in the time of need
  • True friends step up for you during important or difficult times when you need them the most.
  • Their presence itself makes you feel better.
  • They always know how to cheer you up.
  1. They make time for you
  • In Friendship, everything is mutual.
  • You make time for them. They also make time for you.
  • They make an effort to see you and keep you in their lives.
  1. They keep your secrets
  • You can trust with your secrets.
  • You know that they will not share your secrets with anyone, or how you really feel about certain situations or people.
  1. They tell you the truth
  • Be it any situation, they always tell you the truth.
  • Even if you find it hard to accept the truth, they make it a point to tell you in such a way that you understand.
  1. They understand even your silence
  • They understand you at a deeper level.
  • you don’t have to explain yourself to them.
  • They understand how you think and what you prioritize.
  • True friends know your flaws and accept you for who you are, imperfections and all.
  1. They share their happiest moments with you

They encourage you to achieve your goals

  • They are mostly with you in making happy memories.
  • Even if not, they always love to share the happiest moments with you.
  • They never hesitate to open up about how they feel.
  • Being around them makes you feel energetic.

8. They encourage you to achieve your goals

They challenge you to grow (and they grow with you).

9. They can be themselves around you. And they allow you to do the same.

What is a friend you cannot be comfortable around with?

10. They listen deeply rather than waiting to talk about themselves

They are not selfish and all about themselves. They listen and speak less of themselves.


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