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How To Get Your Dream Man In 7 Easy Steps


First, I’m not a relationship coach or a matchmaker, I am a digital marketer and writer who writes to share his experiences, thoughts, and ideas to help people.
Before I became a digital marketing and started writing, I have worked in leadership positions in sales and marketing, so I’m going to speak as an experienced salesman, marketer, a one time boyfriend, and future husband .
I strongly believe sales and marketing are two skills everyone must-have regardless of your industry or what you are doing. You need to be able to market and sell yourself to the person you want to connect with.
Do you want to get your dream man but don’t know how?Here are the seven easy steps you need to take to get your dream man:

1. Define Your Dream Man
How do you even get what you want if you don’t know exactly what it looks like?
This is not the tall, dark, rich, and handsome anthem you people normally sing. It’s about getting crystal clear about what you want.
These are some of the things you should consider when defining your man:






Marital status



Thought Pattern














Social life

Yes, it might look like a long list but you need to know how old he is, his drives, his kind of job or business, the kind of girls he likes, the people he hangs out with, things that interest him, how he looks like physically, how he thinks, people that influence him, his level of education, his family, how much money he is making and more.
This helps you have a clear picture of him so you know where to find him and so that when you meet him you won’t be confused.Have you defined your dream man yet? do it today!

2. Know Where You Can Find Him

Not knowing where to find himIs like wanting to go and test for coronavirus without knowing where the test Center is- you will most likely drive around the city and exhaust your fuel and if you are in a city like Port Harcourt, you might fall into the hands of the task force and end up feeling like a girl who visits her boyfriend in his family house after the lockdown to see him just be told by his sisters that he went to quarantine with her before the lockdown. Med o!
But this is what happens when you go out with just any man. Now it’s time to be intentional.
And even if you think he is online, you need to know the exact platform that he is most active on, the reason being that Instagram men are not the same as Twitter men. And a man you met on LinkedIn might not be the same as the one you met on Facebook. They are on different platforms for different reasons and you have to understand their psychology.
Truth is, there are men you can only find on LinkedIn.  Get it?
These are some places you can meet your dream man:
At a Training

Sport bar

Night club


Social club

Business Conference

Fitness Center



Shopping Mall

Comedy show

Social Media

Government House

Online Forum

Music concert

Online Dating Platform

Community meeting

WhatsApp group



Public Transport





Military Barrack



Law Court




Political meeting
The list is endless. The idea is to know the places he visits and find creative ways to be in those places.

3. Be Where He Is
It’s not enough to know where to find him, you have to put yourself out there.

An experienced salesman knows he needs to be where his target audiences are and grab their attention and make sales. Go make sales, sister!

Have you noticed how people marry from the same church? same city, social group, etc?It’s because they get to know each other and nobody buys what he does not know, that’s why big brands invest in brand awareness and visibility.

One reason the people you guys call bad girls get married before the assistance marys are because they go out and they know how to network and connect with people.
Unku wee not come and find you in your house. Go to the market and sell yourself, the market is where your dream man hangs out.

People change church, job, relocate; do it if that what you need to do.

4. Let Him Notice You
You can be in a place and nobody notices you, you know, right?
The message here is to stand out.There might be many girls in that place but you want him to notice you.
If there is an opportunity to speak especially on topics you are knowledgeable in, speak intelligently, sister.Let him notice your wisdom, soprano voice, your fashion sense, your beauty, your smile, your skills, and expertise.

5. Initiate Friendship
One way to make a guy fall for you is to be his friend – he will eventually fall in love.
Personally, I might not be dating, but I know las las I will date and marry my friend. And I know a lot of guys who think like me.
Some of us have had terrible experiences with ladies and we can only trust our friends especially the ones we have no plan of dating.
Imagine when he trusts you enough to share his goals, dreams, ideas, victories, challenges at the same time he is ehelping you when there is a need, sister, you might eventually find friendship and love in him. How beautiful!

6. Communicate Your Value

I have already talked about getting noticed, now it’s time to show your value and how resourceful you can be.

I know you have been told that he must love you the way you are. Well, that might be true, however, what do you bring to the table?
How can you make his life better?
 Anti, unku will be scared of losing you if he finds you valuable.
The truth is, nobody rejects value.

7. Pray 
Pray that they don’t use kayamata on him, pray your village people does not cover his eyes from seeing you. Pray and speak what you want into existence.

So now you know can actually get your dream man in seven simple steps, go ahead and get him. Be sure to invite me to the wedding and if I’m free I will turn up like a low budget Ebuka

Good luck 


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