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Israel DMW’s Marriage: Wife Accuses Him Of Abuse, Insults, Threats To Life, Etc


Israel DMW’s Marriage Faces Tumultuous Times: Wife Alleges Abuse and Neglect

The once seemingly picture-perfect marriage between Israel DMW, Davido’s personal logistics manager, and Sheila Courage David is now facing serious challenges. The couple, who tied the knot in October 2022 amid a star-studded ceremony, has been embroiled in a public spat that has brought to light allegations of abuse, neglect, and infidelity.

Rumours of marital strife began swirling earlier this year when cryptic posts on social media hinted at a rift between the couple. Israel’s decision to share his wife’s photo on his status, prompting Sheila’s sarcastic response, “In your dream,” further fueled speculation about their relationship’s status.

In a recent revelation, Israel DMW took to social media to accuse his wife of marrying him for fame and fortune. He detailed how he “upgraded” her life, showering her with expensive gifts like hair extensions and iPhones, and transforming her from a woman with just N2700 to his name into a life of luxury.

Sheila, however, has painted a different picture of their marriage, alleging that Israel’s behaviour has taken a toll on their relationship. She claims that he has become increasingly withdrawn, neglecting his family and social obligations, and even interfering with her business ventures.

In a series of posts on her Instagram page, Sheila shared her side of the story, revealing a narrative of emotional abuse and neglect. She recounted instances where Israel allegedly belittled her, accused her of taking pills, and even insulted her family.

“I can’t take it anymore,” Sheila declared in one post. “I’m tired of being treated with disrespect and disregard.”

The couple’s public exchange has garnered significant attention on social media, with fans and followers expressing concern and offering their support. Many have urged the couple to seek professional help to address the underlying issues in their marriage.

As the drama unfolds, it remains unclear whether Israel DMW and Sheila Courage David will be able to salvage their relationship. The accusations and counteraccusations have painted a stark picture of a marriage in crisis, leaving many wondering if there is any hope for reconciliation.

Meanwhile, here is what some social media users are saying about Israel DMW and Sheila Courage Marriage.

Fidelis Ozuawala wrote . In this Israel DMW and Sheila’s case ehn , When a man has stayed for so long without any commitment, courtship with a lady, it’s usually hard for them to finally blend. Imagine a 40year-old unmarried man, who probably had done things all by himself for nearly 2 decades, knows how his food should be cooked, enjoys and had made peace with his alone-time, have unlimited unrestricted access to ladies, and probably had concluded that life being single was perfect. Then out of peer pressure or in the name of societal tag of “settle down”, he decides to abruptly get married without any prior courtship — what is happening right now is usually the case. And for Sheila, from the posts she released moments ago, I read through and even the screenshots of chats between her and Israel, you can see that she had already lost respect for him. How can you wait till your Husband leaves the house before suddenly telling him you going to make your hair, what do you want him to think? You had even left before you received his response. A yet-to-be fully harnessed wife? He was clingy and wanting to guide his pride tight— don’t blame him. For Isreal to begin to Deny you access to visit friends, attend events and leave the house, means he probably was suspecting fowl plays, she was growing In influence on social media, Israel on the other hand wasn’t emotionally balance to trust— why would he, she was already looking down on Israel, in on of the chats he addressed him as “My guy” she said “I am already out of the house my guy”, this was when Israel said she should remain outside for informing him in such a short notice after he had left the house. It was understandable from a clingy man with distrust for the wife. Hmmmmm Will they work it out now? Yes they should, my advice to Sheila if she ever happens to see this, is to understand that all the many loved up messages she’s getting on Instagram because of her popularity are just from people trying to get into her pants, she must understand that before she met Israel he was a logistic manager (someone who was always on the road) and he is of loyal service to his Oga, Davido. So, don’t expect to see him become a house husband while focusing on a different business. And for you Israel, the opportunities are enormous for you, like I told him on Instagram, he should setup a car Hire service or an agency where artistes like Davido hire his road logistic services— that way he charges a fee and gets paid for service, instead of solely relying on “Oga thank you” and salaries from his road manager duties (which is now on and off). Sheila!!! get back to your Husband and work things out, outside is not rosey oo, sure you will make some bucks but nothing goes for nothing, and don’t be quick to start calling family members because of mere issues and you Israel stop locking your wife outside.


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