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How To Trust In God For Provision In Hard Times


I have never seen any man of faith stranded in life. But I have seen many good men who made mortal men their trust being disappointed and frustrated. God has many names but the one I fear most is “Jehovah Jealous”. God is a jealous God.
Especially over His children in His Kingdom. He will not allow a man to say he made you his beloved rich. Anytime you experience a huge disappointment, its simply because you put your hope in man.
Anytime you feel pained when you heard a false rumor about you; its simply because when the same people were praising you, you failed to transfer the glory and encomium men showered on to God. 
Anytime a favor that was once flowing smoothly from a rich man stops, its because you have mistaken that person as your source instead of God.

Anytime the person helping you just stopped abruptly, it’s not your enemy from the village that stopped that flow. Its God’s jealousy over you that cuts the flow of help.
The man didn’t create you but God did. Stop looking at men as your permanent helper. The man at his best is nothing. David said I lift up my eyes unto the hills (not the Federal government) from whence my help comes from. 

God had to kill some rich men not because it’s their time to die but simply because they have gradually become a god over many beloved sons and daughters of God whom He wanted to teach the art and science of FAITH. 

Ask Pastor Adeboye or Bishop David Oyedepo, even at that level they are, they will tell you how much of faith they dispense daily. The more they achieve GREATNESS, the heavier the level of faith they dispense. 
It’s more difficult to retain wealth than create it because spending is endless. Because, if you mistake your present level as your Rehoboth, you will go down. The ability to sustain what you have obtained is the greatest requirement in the school of wealth creation. 
So my dear reader, where are you rushing to? Who up there are you envying? Have you not heard “uneasy is the head that Carries the crown”. The rich also cry.
There are many of us out there if God gives you the money you bombarding the heavens for, your heart will stop pumping blood. You will just die straight. 
Calm down, grow your faith. Build capacity. Men are your scaffold, God is the foundation and pillar of your life, not your Uncle. 

What is the man that your mind is full of him? For you have made him a little lower than Elohim. Henceforth, position yourself strategically in such a way no man is indispensable. Cursed be the man that makes man his trust. I didn’t write it, it’s the bible that said so. 
Trust in the Lord with ALL of your heart, not some. ALL, that it, leave no space. The just shall live by FAITH appeared in Romans:1:17, Galatians:3:11, Habakkuk:2:4 and Hebrew:10:38. Why is it simply because the subject of faith is the oxygen of Christianity. 

Honestly, until you delete some numbers from your phone God will not show up. From when I was a child till now, my greatest gift from God is the gift of men. 
People love me wherever I go. I get connected to people so easily. But I have observed God does not keep them around me permanently. Men come. Men go. I have no man on earth I can call my best friend. God is. God can. God will be. 
Stop chasing men. 

JFK Abiona.


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