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JFK Abiona: How To Attract Revelation


Life is too complex to be left to chance and probability. The marketplace is too volatile to gamble with. 2020 is a beginning of the third decade in this millennium.

This time our competitors are invisible. It’s called data, algorithms, artificial intelligence or call it the robotics. Only the men of REVELATION can win in this new age. Now what do I mean by revelation? REVELATION is what God is saying. It’s the the idea God wants to give you to outwit the competitors I mentioned above. Revelation is what men forgot to put into the robotic. It’s the commander of data and the Senior officer of algorithms.


1: HIDE YOURSELF FOR A WHILE:I thank everyone who greeted me with a happy new year. But permit me to tell you my new year starts at 01:02:2020. I used January to hide. I used the entire January to ask God many questions in fasting, prayers, supplication, research and findings, and deep meditation. Smart people in the digital economy are not those who run up and down looking for opportunities. They are the ones with plenty of energies with multiple gifts but chooses to wait on the PRINCIPAL (GOD) who owns all principles. Sovereign in power doing awesome things.
Hide. If the lion appears anyhow to its prey; it will catch nothing. The crocodile waits for hours till the gazelle takes it for a wooden object. Hiding is not a passive but active word. It means hiding under God to seek direction and what next and how to do what next. It means waiting on God till the heavens are open. It means breaking up your fallow ground to seek the Lord until he reigns righteousness on you.
Sadly if Christians don’t wait and those who don’t know a God waits, they will receive what God wanted to give to Christians because waiting is a principle and not a mere religious exercise. If you doubt me, ask Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Ma and my other senior colleagues who sat down for hours, days, weeks, months and years till an idea that revolutionalize the world popped up.
God looked for many Christians when he wanted to dish out the idea of Google, Microsoft, Ali express, Amazon and other world-changers concepts, but we were still in prayer meetings. Prayer meeting is good but if you come out of prayer meeting empty-handed, you just wasted your time because results are the evidence you saw God. After 40 days on the mountain, Jesus and Moses (who did) came down with raw power.
2: LISTENING: Don’t just be blabbing saying you are praying. God has more to tell you than what you have to tell him. Some of us believed in our prayers said to God more than the God who answers all prayers from whom all blessings and revelation flow. He is the God of all flesh. Nothing is too hard from him. The heart of the kings who carry your blessing is in his hand.
Some of us went for a two or three days retreat at the end of 2019. You need to go back. You can not fish for sharks in shallow waters. You need to launch into the deep especially if you carry a national assignment like some of us. God can not trust many believers with some dimensions of ideas, concepts, revelation, and inventions because they lack the mental toughness to handle it. They lack the spiritual capacity to follow it up. They are deficient in the social capital to contain it. They are ill-equipped to interpret it from the dream stage into reality.
I will continue tomorrow but let me wrap it up this way. A lazy man can not serve God and such men are also not welcomed by the devil. A shallow-minded person is a featherweight and will always be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrines. This is a wake-up call. Stop circulating write-ups of Muslims wanting to Islamise Nigeria. Daniel mentored four kings. Joseph was indispensable before Pharaoh.
Stop asking where is the God of Elijah because I can hear God saying where are the Elijahs of God. Read, pray, fast, meditate, research, dig deep in thinking and document the information. Anytime you see anything good, a lot of time and energy must have gone in. Good morning. The psalmist said “ Oh Lord, how great are your works? Your thoughts are very deep. It means greats works are a result of deep thoughts.


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