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Relationship Diary : The Truth About Gay, Girls Only And Boys Only School In Nigeria


Relationship Diary focuses on relationships and we publish fresh articles every Saturday. Some of these articles are real-life experiences, some opinions.

Today, we are sharing a thought by Wale Jana on Gay and Boys-Only Girls-only schools in Nigeria.

Have you ever wondered how a guy or a girl who grew up with a woman as her mum and a man as his dad suddenly wakes up one morning and says “I am gay”?

This is not to judge the LGBTQ community or anyone but I want to let you know how sexual orientation can change.

I attended a boys only secondary school for three years and there were lots of stories of seniors who would lure young boys with big bumbum, put Vaseline in their yansh and do shit. Parents thought they were sending their children to the best schools but it was also the breeding ground for homosexuality. 

These boys who are being yanshed (that was the slang for it in school back then) may not know anything about sex and now they are being introduced to anal sex, the truth is they may not enjoy any form of sex in their lives again.

I remember a particular female rapper talking about her boyfriend and how he enjoyed her putting a hand in his asshole during sex, I checked him out and I discovered he graduated from that secondary school. He most likely is bisexual.
I may be wrong but from what I have seen, many boys only and girls only schools are breeding grounds for people who later become homosexuals and the fact is parents never see this, they have never even imagined it but that’s the fact. 

If you are a parent, open your eyes. May God help us all.  May I always love pussy in Jesus name. AMEN! 

Share with a parents or someone who should read this, please share so that others can be learn.

© Wale Jana


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