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Jazz On My Mind 2021- The Review


Yesterday wasn’t my first time at The International Jazz Festival. However, it was yesterday I realized the difference between songs and music.

Precious Emmanuel is such a phenomenal singer.Throughout his performance, I was screaming awwn, God when, while he reminded couples why they fell in love with his love songs.

Honestly, I didn’t Kaydee Numbere was such a music magician.Kaydee was everything for me yesterday.And his band members deserve all the accolades.

Oh! That moment he brought jollof rice on stage while singing the Jollof song was a moment for us.Have you heard Kaydee sing?

And KO Baba remains one of my most intelligent comedians.
And his jokes are not relatable but packed with lessons even as he delivers them in a clean and classy manner.

Kenny Blaq is maaaaaad.I don’t know how he thinks…Man is legendary.He’s super creative.
How he remixes Nigerian songs into Rock and Indian music should be studied in schools especially by Naira Marley and Zlatan😳

If you have Sensational Bamidele on Whatsapp and you follow his status, you will think all he knows how to do is look good and chop life🤪. The truth however is, I’m not sure he’s ever had a bad performance.His ministration at Praise Wine 2021 is still fresh in my head and yesterday he brought fire and energy to Jazz On My Mind.I won’t be wrong if I call him The Praise Machine 💪

And CC Johnson, the convener of Jazz On My Mind is effortlessly phenomenal.Besides his awesome performance with his amazing daughters, yesterday was the 9th edition of Jazz On My Mind and not just that  it was sold out, the packaging and delivery has been top-notch.
CC Johnson no be anybody mate.Respect, Uncle CC💪
Indeed, Jazz On My Mind 2021 was a premium music and comedy experience.

And Mike Aremu closed the show with a classic performance. At this point, I had to agree that I was not present when God was sharing musical gifts🤣. This was when I also realised that there is music and there are songs.

The audience didn’t want to leave even with the 10 pm curfew in Rivers State. Hopefully, next edition the event won’t be affected by any security issue.

Won’t you rather attend the next edition of Jazz On My Mind?


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