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Join Dr Stephanie Oarhe, Real Warri Pikin And Osiri Wisdom At TRUELOVE RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE 2022


Dr Stephanie Oarhe, a renowned relationship management expert, counsellor and mentor is set to host her annual event “TRUELOVE RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE from February 11th through 14th, 2022. The conference is powered by her foundation, Heart2Heart with Dr Stephanie, a foundation for helping children from less privileged homes, rehabilitation, victims of teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and prostitution.

The Foundation is also involved in community projects like “Information Technology” and “Train a Child” among other community projects.

The theme for this year’s conference is The Cheating Mind.

In Dr Stephanie’s words, “ In my counselling room, I have been privileged to counsel several people and their stories seem to link to a cheating mind.

In some cases there might not be any cheating in reality but a partner may assumed there is a cheating going on because of mannerisms or behavioral patterns that represent cheating.

Not only that, several people on my Instagram and Facebook community have similar cases all linked to cheating. You hear stories like my spouse is having an affair or I’m in a relationship and there is another girl involved. There is always someone outside interfering with the unity and the flow of the relationship or marriage. That’s what I have noticed and I said to myself we need to deal with this.

We need to know what causes it.?
Why do people decide to make their partner feel wounded and betrayed by going to another person.?

So it’s something that we must address, and that’s why I picked the theme “The Cheating Mind”.

This year’s TRUELOVE RELATIONSHIP CONFERENCE will host Anita Asuoha popularly known as Real Warri Pikin and Pastor Osiri Wisdom as guests. Also, Min Valentina and Empraiz will be ministering in songs.

Date: February 11th – 14th

Time: 5 Pm

Venue: Hilltop International Christian Centre
Hilltop Drive, Off Elekahia/Waterlines Link Road, Port Harcourt

Registration is FREE.



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