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Why Are Bloggers Attacking The Church And Pastors?


So , during #COZA12DG2022, on day 11 which was on January 12, Pastor David Ibiyeomie was preaching.

He was preaching on seeking God first and His righteousness so we can have every other thing we desire. He talked about winning souls and that any preaching that does not include alter call and leading souls to Christ is pure motivation.

He went further to mention how he’s passionate about souls using cases studies from his recent missionary exploits in university campuses.

Then he mentioned how he sowed the first money he was supposed to acquire properties with and now God has blessed him with more than enough houses and cars.

The message was about seeking God first in everything and asking God what to do at every point in time. It’s still one of the best massages that have blessed my life this year so far.

But you know bloggers, they twist stories just for traffic.

We started seeing headlines like: Two plots of land is not enough for me and my cars — Pastor David Ibiyeomie says

Two Plots Of Land Not Enough To Park My Cars” – Pastor David Ibiyeomie Brags

You will think this will only come from wannabe bloggers but no, the biggest online news platforms are the ones leading the conversations. And If you try to read to the full story, chances are, you will think it’s not the same message you heard.

Well, I understand that people hear different things. However, it’s obvious many only come to church or join online just to get stories they can twist to suit their agenda.

What I will say is, If any blogger posts anything about a pastor or church, Don’t believe, go listen to the message yourself.

It’s sad when I see Christians sharing the links and posting the fake stories everywhere.

GloryReign2022 starts today and usual bloggers and anti Christ content curators will drop headlines even before service over .

Remember most bloggers either post for traffic or they are paid directly and that’s how they make money.

However, if you want a blog that is not biased and not twisting stories for traffic, follow >>>> @nairadiary247


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