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KCee Arrests Flutist, Ojazzy , His Manager, Igwe Credo : Charles Awuzie Speaks 


Flutist, Ojazzy And His Manager, Igwe Credo has Reportedly been Arrested by Limpopo master ,  Kcee who Vowed To Sue Them For Defamation 

Reacting to the news , Charles Awuzie wrote: “Now that Kcee has responded, those who were against him are quite…. Here’s the story in case you missed it… Kcee Limpopo, a famous Nigerian musician hired a young traditional flutist on a now popular song project.

 They agreed on X amount. The agreed amount was PAID and other expenses covered by Kcee. The song went viral. Months later, the flutist and his manager publicly painted Kcee as a stingy wicked man who wants to “Eat Alone”. Cyber-fighters took Kcee to the cleaners. Nobody cared about the platform Kcee gave this boy worth millions. Nobody cared to hear kcee’s side of the story. Kcee’s sin is being seen as RICH…. His brother, e-money, is a Naira King. 

That alone was enough reason for the greedy expectations. Nobody cared to know if Kcee himself has money at this time. I even heard one skit maker asking kcee to give the “p00r boy” at least 50 million Naira. Kcee did a new song, they laughed at him. Kcee’s reputation was damaged. 

 So Kcee decided to respond. Kcee revealed that he has spent more money than the flutist and his manager admitted they received. Kcee showed evidence of payments made to the duo through the manager. The manager already has a bad reputation of allegedly hanging a call on someone who wanted to book the flutist for an event just because the event would be held in Abakiliki – according to the story, the manager sighed and hung up when he heard the show would be in Abakiliki. 

 Now that Kcee has told his side of the story, Cyber-fighters are shocked. Most intelligent people realised that this blackmail was about Greed and ENVY – the reason why people always expect richer people in Nigeria to pay more for everything. But it is not so elsewhere in the world – being richer doesn’t mean I have to pay more. It just means I have an option to do more. 

 Just as I advocate for the p00r in Nigeria, I also advocate for the rich. There’s an inhumane expectation from the rich by poorer Nigerians. This is caused by an unfair entitlement mentality. When I visited Nigeria, we got a barber who charged N35,000 cut my hair. I’ve never paid that much even in South Africa – remember that I’m bald headed and do not keep hair. But when this guy sensed there could be money, he gave me a bill I consider unfair and inhumane. That was my last day of ever shaving with him until I left Abuja. Nigeria is an unfair society.  

The rich is unfair to the p00r and the p00r hates the rich. This is why I dedicated one chapter in EVOLVE IN 30 DAYS MANUAL to deal with this mentality. You are going to be rich someday, do unto the rich today as you want people to do with you tomorrow. My name is Charles Awuzie and I hate what was done to Kcee Limpopo. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PULL A STAR DOWN TO LIFT ANOTHER STAR UP.


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