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One of the things I am very loud about is Budgeting & Planning for low-mid income partners, right below the poverty rank.
Yes indeed, what we term surviving well in Nigeria is actually right on the economic poverty margin.

The Beginner Guide for Building wealth instead of managing finance in marriage is simple;

1) Evaluate Current Financial Status
2) Simplify & Solidify your income funnel
3) Budget, Plan & Appropriate
4) Invest, Multiply, Diversify
5) Rinse and Repeat No 3 & 4

COURTSHIP stage is the stage where you discover if you work well together in taking one stump and making it a plantation.

There’s plenty of time to ask ” have you eaten”

COURTSHIP is not the time to monitor if this person will be faithful in marriage or not, as my church teaches .. you know why? That’s the basis of advancing from dating to courtship.

The dating stage is when morals and ethics like kindness, empathy, emotional intelligence, integrity, fidelity and interpersonal skills are scrutinized. That’s what guarantees you a second date, a third one, a leg spread even.
Those are foundational basis.

Be done with the foundation and move on to the factors that would bind that structure and make it as welcoming as possible.

Whilst making marriage work is a 360 construct, it’s not just a single thing that makes it work, I will boldly tell you MONEY is the top reason why many, many things would fail in marriage.

If in this new year 2022, you already have had the money quarrel, the strain that comes from not having enough or not doing enough as a family provider … It’s okay, you are not alone.

No you are not.

As a parent, counselor and teacher .. I can tell you that the first week of the year school fees resumption after the yuletide season, is always a Speed Bump, when you don’t have a sustainable plan; Education Trust Fund

Both of you need to go back to the Drawing Board. Apply the guide above, first as individuals then as a couple.

If this is you, you should talk to a professional about really getting on track and fixing what needs to be fixed.

Credit: Sira Mene


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