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Meet The Naira Diary Impact Awards 2022 Nominees


Naira Diary Impact Awards 2022 with the theme THE HEROES as a project, was started with the sole aim of appreciating real-life heroes and their ‘heroic’ actions in Nigeria. This project recognizes that there are heroes and that not all of these heroes wear capes.

And so, this award project aims to recognize and celebrate these people, groups, and entities who have contributed to bettering lives and making society better.

Part of the plan is not to only recognize and appreciate, but to also publicize the works of such individuals, organizations, and entities. Nevertheless, this project acknowledges that there is still so much to do in terms of making a society like ours accept and celebrate heroes. 

A portion of what the project seeks to achieve is to reinstate the mindset that we need more heroes, and in addition to recognizing and appreciating these heroes, this award would also highlight the works of such individuals, groups, and entities. The objective behind this is to motivate them to do more, and through them, inspire new crops of impact-driven people across Nigeria”.

The nomination process took us four weeks. The public nominated their HEROES and our team reviewed and picked the best five for each category. Voting started on November 21st, 2022 and the voting portal will close on December, 11th, 2022.

Meet the nominees

1. Wendy Amadi

2. Ebuka Nwachukwu


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