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Nkechi Bianze Explains Why Women Should Not Marry Any Man Above 45


Nkechi Bianze, a Facebook feminist and vawulence comrade has explained why women should not marry any man above 45 years. According to her, a lot of them cannot have erections more than twice a year. She went further to say that if you marry a man above 45, “Conji go wound you.”.

In her words,

“Dear Queens,
Don’t marry a man who is over-45, except he is coming with plenty money and abroad papers.

They are usually overused with body mileage of over 80. Other women don suck all the water wey dey their bodi, you are left with shafts. Rejected leftovers.

Most of them are divorced deadbeats with angry baby mamas. Are you ready to deal with baby mama drama?

The ones that have never been married are more dangerous. Retired oloshh..os. Egbon Gigols.

Don’t forget that a lot of them can’t summon more than 2 erections per year. Conji go wound you.

At least, if he has plenty money and abroad papers, you fit use that one hold bodi while you plan your exit… after you get what you want. Be strategic!”


  1. Idle talk dearie. What about women above 40? What should men make of them abeg as most it isn’t anyone’s fault to drag singleness into older years?


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