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No woman Suddenly Turns Cold In Marriage Overnight without A Reason – Ab Isong


“Dear Man,
No woman suddenly turns cold in marriage overnight without a reason.
No! something made her to say no to every other man but said yes to you.
Never stop doing those things before she starts yearning for them outside.
Drop the arrival mentality, Oh after all she is mine for keeps, this attitude has ruined so many homes.

Do you know why she stopped dressing good at home?
The reason is because no matter what she does you never for once complimented her, what is wrong in saying wow! baby you look good. beautiful hair, nice smile etc.

Have you noticed how she dresses to kill when stepping out? Yes na! many outsiders, even her friends hubby are busy pouring praises on her and oga some of your friends are doing this too.

Build a home for her, the worst thing that can happen to you is to allow your wife to live a fearful life in marriage.
Maybe she was watching her Zee World in peace. As soon as you are at the gate she fearfully and unhappily switches to your own favorite channel. and the kids will run into hiding.
Sir you are supposed to be a husband and not the lion of the tribe of Judah.

There’s nothing wrong in helping her do some home chores sparingly!
When was the last you surprised her with a romantic sms, when last did you chat with your own wife, but remember how you lived in her inbox before she said yes? keep that fire oh!

When you touch her at night, and she says don’t touch me, please don’t stop, it’s called initial gragra, she wants a little pampering.
Don’t just start driving that car without letting it steam for a while. (Shey una understand)

Never stop teasing and surprising her with gifts.
Above all, give her your time, attention and be in constant touch!
Your wife is not a nag, No! she is only repeating those things she’s been telling you but you refused to listen. She will repeat it till you get it.

Don’t over put your eyes in her finances. what if she was not working?

Please try as much as possible to respond to 99% of her calls. especially if no elderly person is at home with her.

Same way her dressing turns us on, our dressing does same to them.
Treat her like a baby, Do those things you did to woo her and she’ll never stop smiling sheepishly for you.

Please when it comes to sex, never rush it. a lot of married women can’t remember the last time they reached orgasm kingdom, try not to share the grace in fellowship when she is yet to speak in tongues. (let me stop here for now)

© Ab Isong


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