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On Made In Lagos by Wizkid: Maybe We should Expect Another “Made In Lagos”


My Thoughts On Made In Lagos by Wizkid

Firstly, i don’t play at Star Boy FC, but I’m familiar with their stadium and team.

As a curious and analytical Nigerian, I just couldn’t ignore the hype though the inclusion of Burna Boy and Tems on the album got me acting like agent Fash in search for evidence at “Made In Lagos” toll gate.

Did I tell you I’m a “Rebel”?

Well, every song by Tems is special like Adam Oshiomole’s brown chinos trouser- it comes out with “Tems and conditions”.

And yes, Tems is my favourite Nigerian musician❤

Of course, if you have been following my posts, you probably know that I like African Giant’s music.

Even if you don’t like him or his music, you will like how Odogwu partied at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2020 while performing “Monster You Made” even as he also used it to amplify our END POLICE BRUTALITY message.

Well, now you know why I became agent Fash at the “Made In Lagos” toll gate.

So the talk about album dropped yesterday and I was awake at 3 am listening to it and to be honest, I struggled to listen to all of them as they don’t only sound alike but overly boring.

Maybe it’s my music taste; maybe.

Maybe I’m not among the target audiences the album was made for.

The featured artists didn’t disappoint though. And as expected, Tems and Burna Boy stood out. Still, the sounds are not exiting for me.

Worse yet, the album is thematically monotonous.

Made In Lagos Tracklist

I expected it the reflect the title by bringing the excitement that Lagos is known for and by extension tell the Lagos story. No, instead its as if he singing more for his baby mamas and their Whatsapp group members.

I know that Wizkid FC won’t like me for saying that Made In Lagos is overrated , but it’s what it is.

That’s not to say that it is Sanchez at Manchester United😦
No, I really like “Essence” featuring Tems.

Also, I like the album art. I like it even more than the songs on the album.

Maybe we should expect another Made In Lagos. Something like Made In Lagos 2😁

My rating?

I give it a 5.5.

Meanwhile, thanks to all those who took out time to celebrate me on my birthday yesterday.

And for Desmond Elliot’s children who typed “hbd llnp”, you only reminded me of that famous Buhari speech.

You will not die if you type like a human being and your data will not finish.

Also, what are your thoughts on Made In Lagos by Wizkid?


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