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On Ubi Franklin And Baby Mama Drama : Lessons For Young Men


While watching Ubi Frankiln share his frustrations with his four baby mamas yesterday on Instagram, all I had  in my mind was, “thank you Jesus, this could have been anyone”.

As a Christian, I know it’s not by my strength or might but God. No matter how disciplined or focused I am, it’s only the grace of God🤗

During Ubi’s instalive, I saw a vulnerable man. I was literally screaming ” wahala be like Ubi Franklin Baba mama drama, e no dey finish”😭

According to him, he has amazing baby mamas, but one among them is a Judas🙄

He said he’s tried everything to make sure he doesn’t have issue with his baby mamas but the Sandra girl is not a preacher of peace. Ubi said most times he will retire to his bed and cry and i could imagine him crying like a high school girl whose first love  left for a obviously ugly girls🤣

He shared a lot of funny yet sad experiences with women especially his baba mamas😟

But, I think those dramas would have been avoided.

I understand that he is rich and  handsome (going by Nigerian girls’ definition ).And he’s a prime target by Kayamata girls🙄

However, there is still no excuse.

Dear single men, I understand that 2Face, Davido, Wizkid and his WhatsApp group members have normalized having baby mamas,  but when you think about the problems that comes with having baby mamas, you will know it’s not worth the hell you will go through in the hand of this women. 
Ubi said having baby mamas was not part of the plan. But, if you ask me, four baby mamas cannot be a mistake.

Dear kings, you have to be intentional about who you bring into your space. Even as a friend, she must meet your standard.
I have had someone accused me of hanging out, having conversations and giving her hope ( I didn’t even know) without making my intention known.
For me, those conversations and hang out are necessary because your beauty, appearing like a Christian and acting nice is not as important as your thought pattern and character.
Your thinking and character are everything – every other thing is secondary. I can’t tell how you think if we don’t have conversations and I won’t also be able to test your character if I only s
The bible says, as man thinketh, so he is.If I know how you think, I know everything about you. And I’ll rather go with someone with quality thoughts, good character value system than think I can change someone .

Forget beauty, because in 2021 beauty is in the hands of makeup artists.
Forget big butt and sex for they are not factors of production.

Go for good character, quality of thought and values.


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