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Pastor Cancelled Wedding Because The Couple Came Late : My Thoughts


We agree that time waits for no one but we expect the pastor to wait forever for the couple- double standard.

Firstly, I have not been a pastor before and I’m not sure I can handle such responsibility.

Secondly, I have not done my wedding yet so I can speak much about wedding.

In fact, as an adult I have only attended five weddings.

However, after speaking on phone for 10 minutes 35 seconds with someone who witnessed the incident and also following conversations on the issue on social media, i have these to say:

There two set of people attacking the pastor for cancelling a wedding because the couple came late.

  1. Those who only have opinions when there is negative news about a pastor.

I have known some persons for only speaking up against pastors and attacking them without fact checking.

Some of them cannot even post about their business but can share negative posts about the church and pastors.

The only time they make grammatical correct sentences is when a man of God is in the news for negative reasons.

Even if PST Adeboye sends 1bc to all Nigerian youths today, this set of people will not share the good news. They will complain instead that he’s supposed to make it 10 BC that 1 is not enough considering his position as a general oversee.

These set of people do not know their constituency representatives in the national Assembly and can’t call them out for not delivering the dividends of democracy but are quick to turn Jesus mopols and moral instructor when a pastor is in the news.

  1. Those who believe that in Nigeria, everyone is supposed to come 3 hours late to every meeting .

You hear them say things like, “no be Nigeria ?” Even if na one hour dey pastor supposed wait.”

They see themselves in the couple and all their excuses are to validate their sentiments and makes sense of their time management irresponsibility.

These are the people you will have a meeting with by 10am and they will show up by 12 pm and they will act like they did nothing.

When I read their comments I only only remember that man that said that cowcoin is bigger that Bitcoin😎

That aside, according to my source, the couple came 23 minutes late and the groom was acting all violent instead of showing remorse and asking for mercy.

The bride was there before the groom and
while others were begging church leaders to plead with the pastor the groom mom was talking about how the pastor killed his wife.

You can hear her in one of the trending videos saying “him don chop him wife”.

This tells you where the groom is coming from-
Blame it on his upbringing.

Also, they said the couple had signed and agreed that the wedding will be canceled if they come late.

So if you knew you don’t respect time why did you agree to that?

I have not been to that church before. I have not even listened to the pastor’s message before but with this, I love him.

He’s set the record. All his members will learn to respect time going forward.

We need more pastors like him in Nigeria most especially in Port Harcourt.


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