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PMAN Launches Biometric Card To Recognize And Account For Nigerian Musicians  


The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) has launched the PMAN  Biometric Card in partnership with Zenith Bank to advance the music industry.

This was contained in a press release shared by the President of PMAN, Pretty Okafor. The press release reads:
“The era of artistes having to be at the mercy of digital music platforms or those who fall sick resorting to begging for arms seems to have finally come to an end with the launch of a new biometric card by the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN). The Biometric Card, which is in partnership with Zenith Bank, was unveiled at the first National Executive Council (NEC) convention held recently at the Eko Hotel, Lagos.  The event set the ball rolling for greater things to come for the advancement and betterment of the entertainment industry in Nigeria and beyond. PMAN President, Pretty Okafor
  According to the PMAN’s President, Pretty Okafor, the Biometric I.D Card has been the dream child of the association since 2014.    Okafor said the association needed to be formalised in such a way that every musician to be recognised and accounted for, every talent in every home be recognised and put in a database so that anybody anywhere in the world who wanted any information about any musician would have a centralised medium to find it.   “Firstly, this will allow the artistes to be in the national and international database of musicians: we created the first database for musicians in Africa so, this will allow them to have digital access to musicians around the world, digital access on how to monitor their royalties so that the Collective Management Organization (CMO) will not cheat them again, access on how to monetise their digital right that will enable them collect their money directly in dollar and it will also give them life insurance cover, pension for an artiste who is over 65 years. This will also give them embassy and legal assistance.  “Artistes of Nigerian origin but not based in the country can also register but those in Nigeria must register in their branch physically and get their ATM.”


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