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Relationship Saturday:
Any Style You Decide Is Fine By God- Wale Jana


It’s another Saturday again and today on Naira Diary Relationship Saturdday we features a thought by our regular contributor Wale Jana.

” #RelationshipSaturday some of these things are funny but some people actually believe them. There is no truth whatsoever to these theories. Sex in marriage is honorable and no style holds any significance in the spiritual realm.

Some people are facing major challenges in their marriage because they believe that a woman on top during sex is dominating her husband spiritually.

The Bible frowns at adultery but  says about marriage in Proverbs 5:19 let her breasts satisfy you at all times and may you always be intoxicated with her love”

Any style you decide is fine by God! Don’t let people frustrate you with all sorts of superstition.

May you receive this knock of common sense in Jesus name. “

© Wale Jana

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