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Reno Omokri’s Letter To Pst David Ibiyeomie Is A Must-Read


While we are still following up reactions on Erica’s disqualification from the big brother house and the goal to raise $100,000 by her fans for her through Gofundme, we can’t ignore how the Nigerian social media street is flooded with stories about Daddy Freeze, Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor David Ibiyeomie.


Currently, there is a video of Pastor David Ibiyeomie blasting Daddy Freeze trending on social media and it has got Nigerians buzzing with mixed reactions.

In response, Reno Omokri wrote:

“Christ was insulted, but He did not insult back. “When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate”-1 Peter 2:23.

@DaddyFreeze was wrong to say what he did on Oyedepo. But my Christian brother, you are even more in the wrong to have insulted him. He is no bastard. I know both his mother and father. His father is a Muslim Yoruba businessman that has contributed much to Nigerian society and his mother is the first female vice chancellor of a Nigerian private university, and a Professor of law. By calling him a bastard, you not only insulted him. You insulted his mother. Christ would never have done that! Daddy Freeze is cantankerous. He is sometimes (but not always) a credit to Christianity, but he spoils that by engaging in needless controversy for the sake of notoriety and social media following. Face him and challenge him on that, whether publicity or privately. But it is not right to insult him seeing as Scripture says “a servant of the Lord must not quarrel”-2 Timothy 2:24.

And a child who does not know his father is not a bastard. There are illegitimate parents. But there are no illegitimate children. God helped me build an orphanage. I did not steal to build it. I did not build it with donation from church members. I built it with my own money. How do you think my children will feel to hear what you said knowing they were abandoned at birth? I am in tears as I write this”


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