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Burna Boy’s ”Twice As Tall”: The Truth European Scholars Denied Africa


For centuries, there have been fictitious narratives of European supremacy even when history shows that most developments started in Egypt. Sadly, nobody is making a conscious effort to correct them. If there is any, I have not seen.
But I’m happy with what Burna Boy is doing.
Burna Boy is not just making music, he’s pushing an ideology and the whole black community is behind him.

I’m yet to see a more conscious and strategic African musician than Burna Boy at the moment.
And there are lots of Branding, PR, Promotion and Marketing lessons for us from his “Twice As Tall” project.If all you see or hear from him is music, you are shortsighted. Yes, you’re BLIND.

Monsters You Made” is more than a song. It’s a wake-up call, it’s a movement, and Oluwa Burna is arguably the new vanguard of that movement- telling African stories the African way 

African kids will grow up with a new level of consciousness going forward. And they will know that Mungo Park is a synonym for FRAUD and we deserve an apology from his people.

Saying that Munga Park discovered River Niger is just like saying that Cardi B discovered Ikorodu because she visited Lagos and enjoyed Nigerian jollof rice after partying with strippers and spraying some Naira notes on them.

How did you discover a River that the people have been fishing and bathing in for years?

Who directed you to the river?

There are many questions but these are just a few.
They lied to us and we were too timid and lazy to think and ask questions.

Wike will say, “fake, fake, all fake”.

Aside from River Niger, Let’s Start with Education 
“When Africans completed the construction of the pyramids in 2500 BC this preceded the writing of Homer’s Iliad by 1700 years, it is said that Homer lived in Egypt for seven years, where he studied law, philosophy, astronomy, and politics. Thales recorded as the first Greek philosopher and the first Greek to have studied in Africa asserts that he learned philosophy from the Egyptians. Other Greeks such as Plato studied at the temple of Wasat for 11 years. Socrates was also there, he founded the first Greek school of philosophy and science.

The Greeks studied in Egypt because it was the educational capital of the ancient world. Pythagoras spent 22 years in Africa, as did Herodotus. These Greek philosophers and more studied at the knees of Africans, yet credit for educating the world’s most celebrated theorist remains withheld due to racism. It is safe to say that many of the philosophical quotes and theories attributed to notable Greek personalities are African in its origin.” – African Diaspora 


if one were to Google search “the Father of medicine”, the answer quickly returns Hippocrates; he as history recounts was a Greek physician who lived from about 460 BC to 375 BC. He is credited with developing the first intellectual school devoted to teaching the practice of medicine. For this, he is widely known as the father of medicine by the western world. He is associated with the famous Hippocratic Oath, which is an ancient code of ethics for doctors, it is unknown if he actually wrote it or not. However, another name should be mentioned, his name is Imhotep.

Historians and Scientist have confirmed the origins of modern medicine was initiated in Egypt by an African named Imhotep and not by Hippocrates and the Greeks. Medical papyri dating back 3,500 years was written in 2,500 BC, thousands of years before the birth of Hippocrates. The entire ancient world recognized and celebrated his wisdom Hippocrates himself was a devotee.
This is the truth they work so desperately to deny, and Burna Boy is using his music to bring awareness to their atrocities.

I was never his fan, but his ideology got me and now I love everything Burna Boy and I’m going to use my writing to tell our stories and amplify the voices of those already telling African stories the African way.
We launched Naira Diary to tell Nigerian stories and more; with the sole aim of promoting and uniting Nigeria and her denizens, but we joining Burna Boy to tell Africa stories going forward.

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