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Should Christians Participate or Watch Big Brother? Pst Lanre Oluseye Speaks


Pastor Lanre Oluseye is the pastor in charge of House On The Rock, Port Harcourt. He leads one of the biggest Youth-friendly Programs in Nigeria, “Jesus Alternative Service” (JAS).
JAS is a forum for deliberation on topics that border on our everyday life issues.JAS comes up every Sunday at 6 pm. 

On Sunday, August 30th, Pst Lanre with his guests KO Baba and Sis Mercy shared their thoughts on Big Brother Naija and below are the excerpts from his session.

“The issue of big brother is much ado about nothing. Big Brother is a product. We have no control over what people choose to produce in terms of content.
The problem is with the consumers of the product & before we point fingers to the producers, assess yourself and know that the fact you find it interesting says more about you than the creators. It just says a lot about your personality and what you find attractive as entertainment. 

What you choose to consume is on you so own it. Whether big brother is good or bad is not the issue here. The issue is you as a Christian finding this content worthy of your consumption.
If you have reservations about it, you are the owner of your remote, exercise your prerogative and walk away.
Big brother is a product designed to make money for the producers. Your morality does not play a part in their decision making because all they want to know is the profits they make from it. 

A social experiment shows how people respond to things when put in a certain situation or with external stimuli. An experiment is not an experiment if it does not have a control experiment. Let them put people without the money attached to it, you will notice that even the action of the inmates will be different as no one wants to exhibit immorality on national TV.

Pst Lanre Oluseye during JAS with his guests KO Baba & Sis Mercy

The inmates do what they do because of the money. Because they want to win, they understand that immorality sells and therefore they feed you lewdness and obscenity to attract your votes.
There are many issues in Nigeria that should be taking centre stage and not Big Brother.
The people that find & choose certain obscene aspects of it to watch are also part of the issue. The fact that someone would stay awake all night watching people who are asleep in order to catch a view of immorality speaks a lot about you as a believer.

Understand that this is about you. Not about the producers that are creating content and are driven by profit. If people stop watching big brother stops today, they will close the show & create other content. If there are no profits, they won’t put anyone together to experiment anything. 
The show is rated 18 so it obviously contains nudity, wrong language and sex. If that is what you choose to consume as a believer then we leave you to your conscience.”

What do you think about Big Brother Niaja Reality TV show?


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