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Review: KO Baba’s Performance At Miss Port Harcourt Beauty Pageant


They say big things come in small packages, and everytime I watch Ko Baba perform, I’m left with an assurance that the saying is true.
If you were lucky to be one of the guests at the Prestigious Miss Port Harcourt Pageant at Aztec Arcum yesterday, you would have given a nod and thumbs up to the comedian popular called the Mayor of Pitakwa.

Like most, we witnessed the chemistry and friendship between Obrori Ivy Fakae and KO Baba. The classy OAP was the host for the night and had hit Ko Baba hard before bringing him upstage to perform. Just as she claimed to singlehandedly inspire KO Baba, we couldn’t agree less when he took over and kept the crowd laughing so hard by slaughtering the host with some of the funniest lines ever heard.

He came out being so spontaneous and humorous, he took the show to another level and in his 20 minutes upstage, every drop from him was top notch and strong. Port Harcourt has proven to own some of the most creative individuals, and I am proud to say that this tiny and crazily funny man is one of them.

He did also steal the show alongside Danny Spry at Crack Ya Ribs with Julius on December 25th, 2020, and I was so excited to witness him raised the bar and made his audience happy once more.

Indeed He is the Mayor Of Pitakwa!!!!
Kudos To the Mayor!!!!!


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