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Solomon Buchi And Arike Adeola’s Proposal, Traditional And White Wedding ( photos and videos )


Solomon Buchi a writer and social media influencer announced his engagement with Arike Adeola on July 6th, 2022.

His engagement post reads:

“Àríké said YES. We are engaged and we’ll be getting married!

On the 20th of June 2022(our one year dating anniversary), I asked the most awesome woman Adéolá Àríké, to marry me after a year of dating — one that came with some reconstruction, intentionality and obedience to God.

Dear Adeola — Àríké Mi, from the first week we spoke over that video call, I knew you were my wife. We’ve grown in the past 1 year plus, we’ve put in arduous work, we’ve had extremely difficult conversations, we’ve struggled, we’ve unlearned and relearned and we are still growing into graceful imperfection. Healthy relationships/marriages aren’t a walk in the park, but it is easier with you because you put in the effort.

I’ve been bedevilled with many pains and anxieties in my 26 years of existence, but with you, my worries dissipate. Literally. The longest time I’ve stayed without a panic attack was around you. Your love heals. You’re my favour and you fit into my forever.

I am proud to be your husband-to-be. I’m beyond enthralled with you in my life. I choose you, Àríké. In the multitude of others, na you. You’re my favour and I never knew how much I needed the beauty you brought until God gifted you to me. 

Life is filled with uncertainties, but I’m pledging to keep loving you every day, even when it’s tough and inconvenient. I pledge to put you first and exemplify Godly headship. You’ll be the best version of yourself with me because I am submitted to God, and in Him, I will not lead you astray. I’ve been a purveyor of sagacious marriage values, and I can’t wait to live the reality with you by God’s grace.

Now, I can show you to the world. Finally. 🥰I eagerly waited for this moment. I’ve been your fiancé for 16 days now, and man, I can’t wait to build a godly marriage with you.

Ife mi. Ayanfe mi.  Iwo o shey litemi, mi ni yin e nu naye naye, moshe Ileri ko e fi ife mi a to e.

Ah, you’ve made an Igbo man learn Yoruba. Not just Yoruba but Ondo. My Ondo princess! My London baby.

SolomonBuchixArike. We have a wedding to plan.”

Arike Adeola Announces engagement to Solomon Buchi

See Solomon Buchi and Arike Adeola’s engagement photos

On July 20th, 2022. Solomon Buchi revealed their wedding hashtags. 

He wrote :

“We finally have our wedding hashtags.

#ThePerfectAddition: Àríké + Buchi



Àríké and I bonded over maths the first time we spoke, as she told me that she was a first-class Actuarial Science graduate. It was over 2 hours of asking her mathematical questions. Her focus on answering the questions piqued my curiosity and this was the beginning of our forever.

Even in our relationship, we’ve had times where we played mathematical games of asking ourselves maths questions. I thought I was bad at maths but not anymore lol. Definitely not as good as her. It’s indeed a perfect addition, Àríké is good with numbers; I am good with words. Our complementary nature brings ease to us. I can guarantee to help our kids with the writing assignments; Adeola will help them with maths/quantitative tasks. The perfect addition.


Our love story is that of destiny. We both heard from God. Even in the relationship, when I had doubts, God reaffirmed His word. Our love story is that of work, intentionality, godly values, focus, and determination. It is not a perfect love story, but it is a love story that’s like no other: a love story of Àríké and Buchi; one that is distinctively different from any other love story, and we are excited that we have forever to love each other and  to build/model kingdom marriage. In pain and in joy. Through all seasons.

Our wedding cash registry is out for those who asked. The link is on our bio if you’d want to give. You’re not obliged in any way.


You are not the most beautiful woman – Solomon Buchi to Arike

In the same July, their relationship almost hit the rock. Solomon Buchi has made a post to celebrate Arike but his choice of words was met with vawulence by online inlaws. In the post, Solomon Buchi said Arike is not the most beautiful woman in the world but he choose her regardless. This didn’t go down well with their fans and supporters. 

Many were of the opinion that Arike should call off the engagement advising her not to be with a man who doesn’t see her as the most beautiful woman. 

See Arike’s response:

But that was not all. Just after the whole not the most beautiful woman argument, it was alleged that Solomon Buchi was begging for money to do the wedding with some claiming that a gofundme account was already set up to crowdfund their wedding. Perhaps this explains why they did their wedding low-key as they didn’t want more controversy.

Well, Solomon Buchi walked down the aisle with his partner, Arike Adeola on February 5th, 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria quietly.

Solomon Buchi and Arike Adeola’s wedding posts, photos, and videos.

Solomon Buchi and Arike Adeola’s wedding photos

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