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Solomon Buchi Reveals the Gift That Stole His Heart from Adéolá Àríké, His Wife


Solomon Buchi, a writer and sexual purity advocate has opened up about the most meaningful gift he has gotten from his girlfriend’s now-wife, Arike. He made the revelation today on his Facebook page. According to him, thoughtfulness isn’t about money, it’s about the amount of mental effort(might be physical or emotional) you put into curating a gift. Solomon Buchi further said that he will keep the gift for his children to see and will use it to teach them lessons.

See the post “This remains one of the best gifts from my wife(my then GF). It’s a handwritten letter and a £10 bill. Here’s the story: just before we met for the first time in Nigeria, we were gisting on the phone, and I asked her what a £10 bill looked like, it was casual and humorous. No, she asked me what I wanted her to get for me, and I replied: “£10” and she chuckled: “what do you want £10 for?” I sarcastically responded: “If I am not yet in the UK, let the UK come to me…” I absolutely forgot about this, because it was one of my clownish moments.

When we met in Nigeria, we hung out, met family, had fun, all that good stuff. Fast forward to the night of her flight back to the UK: of course, I had to go to her family’s house, because we moved together to the airport. She was a bit behind time, so we were in a rush. And she had missed her first flight back to the UK a few days ago, so we needed to ensure she caught her flight. She went in to check in, and then, I received a message that she may not be able to come out again, and also, she needed to pay for extra luggage, I think.

I pleaded with the immigration guy to let me in, because it’s fashion that non-travelers can’t cross the first security check at the entrance; I let them know I wanted to pay for my woman’s extra luggage. They let me in. I rushed, saw her grappling with repacking her stuff.
We fixed all of that. I wouldn’t forget; the guy on the counter kept pressurizing her: “madam, be fast! You’re the last person…” something in those lines. When we were done, all she had time to do was a quick hug and handed me this envelope. Funnily, I had a handwritten letter too, so it was an exchange, we smiled, and she ran away to board. I watched till I saw no trace of her shadow. Then, this deep sigh of sadness. I walked away in bleak. Nothing sucks in long distance relationships than airport goodbyes.

When I left the terminal, I hurriedly opened the envelope: there was a handwritten letter and a £10 bill. My mind immediately clocked, & I began tearing up. I read the letter to the latter part where she goes: “I remember when you jokingly said that you wish you could feel £10”. “I just wanted to make that wish come true.” And she adds a prayer and a prophetic line: “this is the first of many that you’ll hold and have in your possession in Jesus name…”At this point, I was a mess in tears. I had forgotten! It was a joke! But she remembered!

I didn’t expect that. And the envelope had a warm and briny fragrance; she sprayed my kind of perfume on it. When I got into my Bolt ride back to my apartment, I balled my eyes out, quietly though. Thank heavens, it was almost midnight, the driver couldn’t see me. Since then, she’s given me different gifts, expensive ones, but this remains the most thoughtful yet.

And that’s why thoughtfulness isn’t about money, it’s about the amount of mental effort(might be physical or emotional) you put into curating a gift. It’s the when, how and why. It’s the sentimental value attached to the gift. I carefully folded this letter and the bill as received and kept it in one of my files. I occasionally go there to read it, sniff it and pray the prayers.
Each time I touch that £10, I’m reminded that that is the littlest I’ll ever touch in my life, as she prayed for me. I’ll definitely keep the £10 and the note; our children will read it. I have story for days for them. They’ll learn kindness and thoughtfulness, first hand. ❤️”

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