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2019 is a fairly good year for sneaker head and collectors, as boundaries were pushed and innovative designs dropped. Some of these sneakers(from 2019) are remarkable because of their exotic designs and price tags. Also, the three giants: Adidas, Nike, and Puma, just like every year, each tried to monopolise the market, with the lesser brands struggling to keep up.

As usual in the sneaker world, old designs that rocked during their days are mostly re-invented and redesigned with a few touches, and this year is no exception.

NIKE- 2019 is Nike’s year, as they unveiled many astounding designs and fashion collections this year. The collaborations were fruitful too.

Some higlights of the year include:

(This arrangement is not a ranking)

Nike X Undercover React: this design is based on Jun Takahashi’s idea of chaos and balance, a common inscription on undercover items over the years. It borrows for the traditional rubber boot and brings in modern day slipper-on upper to create a remarkable shoes. It comes in silhouette colours of brown and black mixed with other colours. This sneakers sells for $250 USD.

Nike Zoom X Vista Grind: the architectural design of this shoe is fascinating. It has an elevated sole made out of recycled foam from the Nike Zoom X line, making the heel angular. This sneakers is made solely for comfort. It comes in 4 different colours, and soles of three colours. It sells for $160 USD.

Nike Zoom X Vista Grind

Nike Airmax 270 react: This sneaker is an upgrade on the popular Nike Airmax 270. It still features the silhouette appearance and neon-like sole, however, with a more cushioning sole. It is also lightweight and has a pull tab loop. This shoe sells for $150 USD.

Nike Airmax 270 React

ADIDAS-Adidas is still in the game and balling hard with their rich collection and productive collaborations with some celebrities.

Yeezy Boost 700 ‘carbon blue’ : This shoe is a product of Kanye West’s illustrious collaboration with Adidas that birthed the Yeezy collection. It looks similar to the formerly released Yeezy Boost 700, however on closer inspection, is entirely different. It has more new blue details, hence the name. The release date for this sneaker is December 18, and it will be sold for $300 USD upon its release.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 ‘carbon blue’

Alpha Edge 4D Shoes- This shoe is the perfect running shoe. It has a futuristic outlook, an adidas prime meet textile upper and a rubber sole that aids extraordinary traction in any condition. Sadly, it comes in only three colours, black, grey, and white. This sneaker sold for a whopping $300 USD when it was released. It is only $195 USD today.


Puma is yet to regain its hold on the share of market it when held since that remarkable run with Rihanna’s Fenty collection. They are still releasing shoes though, but none has made quite the statement the Fenty collection made.

Puma X Rubik’s RS-X3-This shoe is inspired by the iconic Rubik’s Cube puzzle toy, and brings together vibrant colors, and prints. It gives a whole new definition to colourblocking. It has a thick-layered sole that cushions the heel during running or exercise. It sells for $120 USD.

Puma X Buffalo: This shoe is a product of the collaboration between two heavyweights; Puma and Buffalo. Here, the ever popular Puma suede meets the Fat caterpillar sole of Buffalo. This shoe seems fashionable in the era of fat ugly sneakers. It is solely for the ladies, because of the design, and comes in pink, black, and pink colours. It sells for $114.99 USD.


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