Home Opinions THE 7 CURRENCIES YOU CAN SPEND IN 2020 By James Abiona



Many people think money is the only currency you can use as a purchasing power not knowing those who really move things in the world hardly see the money. It’s poor people that look for money with the belief it’s all they need to buy things.

It will shock you to see no dime in the pocket of Daddy Adeboye or Mike Adenuga or Dangote if you meet them at functions. They don’t have money with them. What they carry about which makes them great are the seven principles above.

1:HONOUR: Sometimes in the 80s when Dangote was still struggling in business, he was to catch a flight from Benin to Lagos. Right inside the aircraft Arch Bishop Benson Idahosah pleaded with the entire passengers that someone should vacate his seat because his guest from the United States needs to get to Lagos to catch a flight back to the USA.

No one minded this awesome man except Mr Aliko Dangote. As he stood up, Idahosa said: “The world will stand for you”. The rest is history. HONOUR is the ability to see value in an unlikely person. Honour is a universal principle without religious bias. He who honours me, God said He will honour and he who dishonours me, will be lightly esteemed.

God is the lifter of heads and he is the one who keeps this lifting in people known as angels of destiny. It might be an old man. It might be someone you least expect. Learn to give honour to people and you will see it come back to you in due season.

Kingmakers may not become kings, but they enthrone or dethrone kings. Honour men, you may not know where they will mention your name.

2:TOLERANCE: You must learn to bear with people. Your helper may be nasty, harsh and difficult initially but learn to look beyond the veil. You must learn to create Emotional immunity to cope with them. You will never see a perfect mentor. Behave yourself wisely. You are the one who knows what you are looking for.

Be quick to hear but slow to speak.

3: RESPECT: Respect the gateman. Respect the taxi driver. Respect your staff. Learn to say thank you for the services you have paid for. I know you are wondering why am mentioning these sets of people. Respect the old man and give him your seat. There are people who have never stepped outside Nigeria but can say a word into your life which will catapult you into nations of the world.

Please Note: Your scorecard for your next level is marked according to the respect you have to those who don’t deserve it and not your uplines.

4:RELATIONSHIPS: Build a solid network because that’s what gives you net worth. I only keep toxic people at arm’s length but I don’t cut off completely. Even God said he kept the stubborn Pharaoh to show his glory. Jesus knew Judas Iscariot will betray him. Everyone around you came for a purpose. Therefore, be purpose-driven so that everyone can play their various roles in your life.

You can learn generosity from a stingy man. You can learn humility from a proud man. You can learn not to drink from a drunk man because nothing teaches faster than the consequences of individual actions. Every animate and inanimate object can teach you a lesson only if you are observant enough.

5:PRAYER: You can pray your way into someone’s heart for help. God still speaks to men even Muslims. God does nothing except in answers to the fervent prayer of his people. Prayer moves mountains. Prayer gives you clues to what others are clueless about especially if you know the flip side of prayer which is listening. You can use prayers to get what others use the money for. It’s called Grace, Favour and Mercy.

But the caveat is, prayer can not work for a lazy man. Prayer leads you into specific instructions which demand a Critical Independent Action(CIA). Prayer will not put ten thousand dollars under your pillow. Rather it gives you a revelation on what do that will give you the capacity to lift your demands. God does not automatically give you what you prayed for, he gives you what you can man manage.

Integrity lies in doing what you speak and in speaking what you do. This is the heaviest social capital or currency than cash. The other name for it called TRUST. It’s the hub that oils the wheels of the vehicle of buying and selling. If you lost money, you’ve lost nothing. If you lose your health, you’ve lost something. But if you lose your integrity, you’ve lost everything.

7:GIVING AND IMPARTATION: There are some people who carry great grace. If you sow money, services or materials into their lives, much more will return to you in thirty, sixty and of course hundred folds. One word from their mouth will catapult you into the realm of getting free what others save money for months and years to get.

Finally, don’t struggle this year. Don’t chase money in the rat race as you did in years past. Those who control the wealth of nations are not hustlers. They are strategic. Honour men. Be Tolerant with the great and small people around you. Respect your uplines, sidelines and even the downlines. Put everyone in the right perspective in every relationship. Learn to seek God’s face periodically. Be a man Of your word. And sow seeds in the morning. Don’t without your hands in the evening. Happy new year.


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