All is now set for the 2022 edition of the Future Leadership Conference and Awards. Now in its 7th year, this year’s edition is titled the African edition and it’s scheduled to take place on October 28, at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The event which has previously futured speakers like Austin Izagbo, Toyosi Akerele, Ubong King, Linus Okorie, Abimbola Adebakin, Goriola Erogbogbo, Charles’O Tudor, Uyime Ivy-King, Daysman Oyakhilomen, Prof. Joseph MBA, Amina Temitope Ajayi, Onofiok Akpan Luke, Mazi Sam Ohunbunwa, Grace Ofure, Olumide Adeshina, Dr. Abiola Akinyode Afolabi and Princess Folashade OBA, would be futuring the following seasoned speakers and industry leaders accross the globe: ALIBABA, Sola Oyegbade, Engr. Pacqueens Irabor, Mrs ABIMBOLA ADEBAKIN, Mr. Goriola Erogbogbo, Johnson Abbaly, Dr. Lucy Surhyel Newman, HRM Chief Francis Kelechi Nwaneri, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo and Jamie Pajoel.

With over 250 volunteer workforce, the Future Leadership Conference has been committed positively to inspiring Nigerian youths for about seven years, thereby bringing together Youth Influencers , Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Clerics, etc. According to statistics, the conference has inspired over 30,000 young Nigerians since inception in entrepreneurship, leadership, climate change, civic responsibility, etc.

Irked by the seeming lack of visionary and purposeful leadership in almost all sectors of the nation’s economy which in turn has created a bleak future for tomorrow’s leaders, the Future Leadership Conference is a project of the Second Chance Care Foundation designed to nuture and prepare present and future generations of leaders in all facets of human endeavour.

Mark Idiahi

According to the Founder and CEO of the foundation, Mr. Mark Idiahi,
“True Leadership- the passion to develop people and ideas- that exactly is what drives us at the Future Leadership Conference.
“Leadership in its simplest form is the act of leading people from a certain point to another. It is a process of influencing their vision, drive and ambition. It also entails helping them possess a better perspective they have of themselves. People will be inspired, motivated and challenged in the face of great leadership.

“I am very excited about the 7th edition of Future Leadership Conference which is very much around the corner. This year, we are redefining Leadership and its role on the economy. Africa has been regarded often times as the dark continent of the world, the continent that swallows its own. Africa, most especially Nigeria, has become a land that can not export goods but rather exports her brains and brilliant minds. To put things in perspective, over 33,000 Doctors and Medical Consultants left the shores of Nigeria for greener pastures in 2021.

It may interest you to know that it is based on these reasonsand many more, The Second Chance Care Foundation plansunveiling a Pan-African magazine with major focus onchanging this age long narrative.

“2 days ago, we celebrated the 62nd independence anniversary of our noble nation, Nigeria. That made me look back at 1960 when the United Kingdom flag – the Union Jack was lowered and the official flag of Nigeria was hoisted, it really looked like freedom, independence indeed. The end to slave trade and colonialism? 62 years down the line and we are still asking the question: Are we free?

In the real sense, we moved from being “ruled and led” by colonial masters to being “ruled and led” through poor leadership. Not having enough to show for 62 years of existence is accountable to the numerous years of corruption, ineptitude and unreasonable attachment to selfish and limiting beliefs. These have led to high level of poverty, unemployment and loss of lives.

“The primary responsibility of any result oriented government is to create an enabling environment for people, businesses and ideas to thrive. However, when leadership is missing, the environment becomes hostile to growth and investments or investors. Nigeria is a blessed nation yet reflecting the curses. Over 60% of Start Ups fail within the first 2 years. The buying power of citizens diminish each passing day. Corruption is the degrading of the human spirit. Many brilliant minds have been reduced to nothing because a nation can be so blessed and yet consumes its own.

“However, the time has come. The time for real, true and genuine change has come. The spirit of patriotism is awakened amongst us today. We are ready to harness and channel it appropriately. We are ready to hold the hands of one another, walk the path of history and rewrite what needs to be rewritten.

It’s high time we redefined leadership. It is not as usual any more. Leadership now has to be about people.
Leadership has to be about all round growth.
Leadership has to be about the soul not just tribe, entitlement mentality, sentiments and bigotry.

T h e F u t u r e L e a d e r s h i p Co n f e r e n c e i s a h i g h l y respected organic movement conducting a series of impactful intellectual events that have transformed the minds, hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands people thus propelling them to new levels of operation in turn, greatly affecting the state and wellbeing of the Nigeria nation and her economy.
T h e Conference main objective has always been aimed at stimulating, equipping and challenging the mind, will and intellect of participants towards leadership – hence the choice of very prolific speakers of repute considered as thought leaders and culture shapers who are result oriented in their respective fields of endeavor.

As a youth focused organization, we have dedicated this year’s
conference to motivate Nigerian youths to actively participate in the democratic process, register for the election, and cast their votes.
More than ever in the history of our country, it is crucial that people should participate and cast their votes. The new electoral law has brought more credibility to the electoral process by making it more difficult for the system to be manipulated.
Beyond signing the act into law, people must be aware of the changes in the system. It is the awareness that can increase confidence in the system and inspire them to vote. We will be focusing on Voters education and enlightenment. To achieve a good result, we are seeking to collaborate with relevant stakeholders interested in improving and ensuring that democracy works in Nigeria.

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