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Franks Edwards And Deborah Paul Enenche‘S Engagement Rumour, Frank Speaks


Frank Edwards and Deborah Paul Enenche’s engagement rumour started flying on Sunday, October 1st, 2022, after Debee posted a picture of her beautiful engagement ring on her Facebook and Instagram pages without details. The comments section of those posts were closed leaving everyone to wonder what was happening. Shockingly, some blog posted a picture that Frank Edward and Deborah took during Dunamis Church 25th anniversary last year and said they were engaged and that’s how the news spread.

Two days later, Naira Diary confirmed from Deborah that it was fake news and that she would make an announcement on her relationship soon. This was enough for Naira Diary audience who wanted to know about Debee and Frank’s relationship.

However, today, Friday, Oct 7, 2022, Frank Edwards took to his verified Facebook and Instagram to debunk rumors and pictures flying around the internet about him being engaged to Deborah Paul Enenche.

See his post



We don’t think anybody needs anything clearer than this to know Debee and Frank Edward are not even close friends not to talk of dating or getting married.

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