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50 Sunday Outfit Ideas For Ladies Inspired By Deborah Paul Enenche


Yeah, we know it’s normal for a lady with over 1000 clothes in her wardrobe to struggle to find what to wear for an event. For church and church-related programs, finding a perfect outfit can be a puzzle sometimes. You Don’t want the pastor to use your clothes to preach, neither do you want to distract somebody’s son who came to worship his God and by extension lead him into temptation.

But still, you don’t want to appear boring like your great-grandma who was late to the meeting that God was sharing fashion sense, instead, you want to be fashionable and trendy while maintaining your Christian values and home training knowing that a church is also a good place for somebody’s son to find you and you wouldn’t want your style to be a ceiling.

Well, for Deborah Enenche, she is one Nigerian lady who is bold with her fashion. Her style is unique and unconventional. While others are trying to follow trends, she is setting trends, and we love how she stands out every time. Deborah is not afraid to try any color. It’s her boldness for us.

Today, we decide to put together some of her outfits to help young ladies who might struggle to pick an outfit for Sunday service and other church-related events.

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Photo Credit: @deborah_paulenenche

Deborah is creating her style

Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on her style?


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