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After taking a very critical look at these wonderful women; I have come to the strong conclusion that it is not every woman that can be a minister’s wife.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but i can say there is indeed a special grace that goes with this honourable position. It even seems to me as if God usually calls some women into such assignment. I can say some women are factory fitted for ministry.

Being an effective minister’s wife requires prayerfulness, patience, wisdom, humility, being accommodating, good human relation skills and a measure of “firefulness” especially if one is married to those who are anointed and being mightily used of God.

Sometimes when the kingdom of darkness is trying to attack a man of God and he is untouchable to them. Most likely the next target would be the wife. This is why being a minister’s wife is not a tea party.

I have heard of pastors’ wives that are thorns in the flesh of their husbands. I have seen pastors’ wives that are very aggressive towards church members. I have seen Pastors’ wives doing busybody in the church. I have seen Pastors’ wives that will tell their husbands “Look, you are the one that God has called o, not both of us, so just dey your dey, make I dey my dey.” But blessed is the Pastor or man of God whom none of these vices can be found in their wives.

Today I choose to celebrate these brave women and others unknown that are out there that have stood with and are still standing with their husbands on the battle field. You are the MVPs. You are mummies indeed. Thank you for your unflinching support for our daddies.

Some of you have accepted the fate of having little or no privacy just because daddy is more or less a pubic property.

I pray for you all no one will take your place in Jesus name

  • Pastor Akinola Tunde


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