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Are You Ready For “The Pandemic Brought More Than Panic” By KO Baba?


Today is a beautiful day. You know why? We woke to the news that Ko Baba, a renowned Nigerian comedian and speaker is returning to stage with an event he titled, “THE PANDEMIC BROUGHT MORE THAN PANIC”.

This was made know by his campaign manager Benny Odumo via his Facebook page.

Benny wrote:

Life, they say is not fair, and often times we seldom shy away from the reality that “Life no balance”, but then we have to face it in order to move forward – and make life balance for us.

While, KObaba was preparing to have the biggest show of his career (the MAYOR OF PITAKWA show), we didn’t see the Pandemic coming. We all didn’t see it coming to us over here in this part of the world. Even when it came, we didn’t expect it to stay this long.

Everything was almost set, and we all could feel it deep within us that this was it! The expectations were high, but then the experience became almost hyper tensive when Covid-19 didn’t let it happen. The Pandemic came and blew away the gains and glory that we all dreamt of, leaving behind the feelings of pains, indebtedness and worries.

We have had so many disappointments, but this one was what I’ll term epic, as there was absolutely nothing anyone could do, coupled with the State, and Federal Government’s restrictions, and we trying to be safe for ourselves – while Observing the safety guidelines set by the NCDC.

Well, crying over spilt milk won’t change anything, neither will it replace the broken glass, so like what every strong man would do, we encouraged ourselves and together WE MOVE!

We have almost reached the end of our fight and soon it’ll be all over.

KObaba will be resuming duty, as the Mayor of Pitakwa, with a comedy special titled “THE PANDEMIC BROUGHT MORE THAN PANIC”.

In his words; “I will like to honestly talk about some of the things I found funny during the Pandemic, the lessons learnt and the reality we have to live with. There is nothing more I can do, except to find a way and reap from the situation. As your mayor, I will do my best to serve you creatively.

I will like to host and gist you, so keep your fingers crossed, as you will love every bit of it.
Together, we have made it this far, and my greatest joy is that we made it together. So, let’s seal it up with genuine laughter!” – KObaba

The Pandemic Brought More than Panic, but we learnt the lessons and are ready to explore!


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