A woman is the mother of the nation. The helper of man and the hope of the past, present and future of every born man child after his salvation. She is an irresistible force of nature. It is not good that man should be alone says God.

The devil loves the ones who gives themselves to be used by him and he hates passionately others who refuse his tenancy or permanent residency.

There is no other reason why the devil’s interest is so keen than the fact that she goes all out on the path of which side she is pushed to.

She can make or marr. She can build or destroy. She can gather or scatter. Even Shina Rambo, Oyenusi, Lawrence Anini and other notorious criminals who were the worst nightmares of the law enforcement officials were her toys.

From Harculus to Achilles up to Samson, the man that she can not tame is not yet born. Wise men take maximum advantage of this mysterious power of a woman while foolish men toy with it and end up regretting.

The real pillars of Jesus ministry were not Peter, James and John. It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna the wife of Chuza, Herod’s Steward and Susanna and many other women who provided for him from their substance.

If you dispute this, then where was Peter when Jesus was being arrested and beaten? Whether she is introverted or extroverted, she will use all she has to help you succeed. If you toy with her temperament, it’s to your peril.

Give her a flour, she will turn it to pancakes, meat pie and poff poff. Give her a house and she will turn it to a home. Give her trouble and she will give a hell.

She is your finest confidence and can also be your worst nightmare. She is like money who takes on the nature of its possessor. A perfect woman does not exist but trust me, she can make you great amongst men whether she is literate or illiterate.

The respect you give to a woman is not for her sake but for own sake. Because whatever you dish out to a woman is coming back to you in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and of course running over.

The multiplayer effect of your interactions and interface with a woman always come back with exponential feedbacks.

She is the perfect measurement and definition of a man who is FINISHED and the one who is COMPLETE. If you treat her well, you will be complete and if you mess around with her, you are finished.

She is book you can not finish reading. A poem you can not finish writing. An adventure that has no end. An institution you can never graduate from. Remaining a student of a womanhood is the secret of men with successful marriages.

When you see a man who fell and rose back to greater glory and honour, look carefully, a gentle giant called woman is behind him.

One million military men may not be able to oust a sitting president from his seat. But if 300 women strip themselves naked and march to the king’s palace, they won’t meet him on the throne.

We say it’s the men’s world and yet we discovered the pillars behind the men who said so are women. Honour to all women in this world. You are a jewel of inestimable value.


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